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My Husband Paid Millions For My Telephone Number- Bose Alao

Nollywood actress, Bose Alao married to Nigerian footballer, Rasaq Omotoyosi who is based in Benin Republic has said her husband paid millions of naira just to get her phone number after watching one of her movies on screen and falling in love with her.

She said people lied to him that she wanted money before she would release her phone number which made the footballer cough out millions of naira, but at the end of the day none of them knew her and only just duped him. Her words to us; continue reading below after her photo..
Bose Alao1
“To tell you the truth, my husband first saw me on TV and he started looking for my number and he reached out to the few people he knew to get my contact. These set of characters lied to him that I wanted money before releasing my number and he gave them money to the tune of some good millions, yet they gave him fake numbers…”

So, how did he eventually get your number, we asked the mother of three. “It was by a stroke of luck, a guy who is also in the industry gave my husband’s friend my number and he asked to see me and I do not regret that decision to meet him because I actually married my God ordained man”.

Did her hubby ever tell her the names of these dubious characters, we asked? “Yes! of course..” so who are they? “ haba, let’s let sleeping dogs lie I beg of you”, she said.

Bose who is set to produce her first all English Movie revealed that the saddest moments of her life is when she is being referred to as a Yoruba actress.

“Infact that is why my next movie is going to be totally in English and I am set to dump Yoruba movie. I am an actress, why can’t people see that” she said.

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