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Misconceptions about High Heel Covers For Grass

Getting ready for an outdoor event and still confused if you should wear your favorite pair of heels or boring flats. We all know how tough those grass stains can be on our heels. It’s almost impossible to clean them and get them back to their original color. That is why heel protectors were created for women so that they can comfortably walk on grass without having to worry about tripping over or ruining their shoes. Even after the launch of high heel covers by various brands, a few misconceptions are still revolving around it that holds women back from enjoying the benefits of its comfort and ease. We have busted few such misconceptions that might help you in making a better decision. Let’s have a look.

It is not visible on your heels

One of the most conflicted misconceptions about heel stopper for grass is that it shows. However, the truth could not be further away than this misconception. High heel covers are transparent and are not visible on your heels. We all know how important a party look is for a woman, and heel guards make no such compromise with the look. It is designed in a manner that protects your high heels without ruining its design. Its sleek and transparent design hides just beneath your heels and provides you the comfort of walking on grass in heels.

It sticks like magic on the bottom of your shoes

Another misconception regarding high heel covers is that it doesn’t attach to the sole of your shoes. But if you look for best heel protector for grass online, you sure won’t be disappointed by its job. These heel protectors are lined with strong adhesive strips on them that adhere to the bottom of your heels and provide a comfortable walk even in grass. It sticks so well to the sole of your heels that there’s no way in hell that it would come off. Because practically, you are putting pressure on it each time you take a step, which makes it stick to the sole even more securely.

It does not sink in the field while walking

Next misconception about high heel covers is that they don’t really work and sinks in the field. Practically speaking, such a situation can never occur because of its broad design and adhesive techniques. Such heel protectors for grass are only introduced in the market after thorough tests and trials. Women all over the world are now confidently walking in grass due to the help of these high heels covers. It works like magic in grass or sand and protects your favorite pair of heels from grass stains and dirt.

It is super convenient to carry

This one misconception is something that will vanish as soon as you buy yourself Best Heel Protector for Grass from a trusted online store. Because heel stoppers for grass are so lightweight and easy to carry that you can quickly slip it into your bag while going for an outdoor event, and stick it under your heels right before walking on the grass. It is designed in such a manner that women can carry it in their bags comfortably without having to worry about its weight or size.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a pair of high heel covers and forget about the problems of walking in heels on grass.

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