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Men’s guide to buy a perfect coat

It’s important not only to buy the right kind of clothes that go with your body type but also to know how to style them properly. Be it for your office or a late night event; a coat is essential for every man’s wardrobe. Choose the right kind of fabric, style, dress according to the weather. Men playing safe with their clothes is now a passé, it’s all about being adventurous with your choice of clothing and dressing according to your creativity and what suits you the best. Winter, in particular, is your playground. You can try different types of coats to jazz up your mundane everyday outfits, bring life to them. For example, men’s full-length cashmere overcoats offer timeless elegance and essential comfort. Here are a few men’s coats that you might wanna go through before buying the perfect piece for yourself.


Said to be built in mid-19th century, Chesterfield was the first overcoat of its kind. It is a single-breasted, fly front overcoat without cuffs. Often made with premium wool, it is a perfect example of men’s 100 percent cashmere overcoat. Its long history adds to its character and makes up for a classic overcoat often worn over suits at formal affairs. Make sure you bag the iconic look in this overcoat by checking that the coat sleeve covers the suit sleeve also. This vintage coat is a must-have for every man’s closet.

Trench Coat

Born out of a need for an alternative to heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers during World War- I, Trench Coat has now become a timeless piece which never fails to compliment any attire. The full-length trench coat is a fashionable piece as well season appropriate as it keeps you warm. Surviving the test of time, this one particular iconic overcoat can never go out of date even after lying for ten years in your closet. Often made with waterproof material, it keeps the coat lightweight, and therefore very comfortable. One of its main characteristics includes details of a double-breasted collar, shoulder pads, and fastening belt to enable it to stand out from the crowd. Trench coat often falls under men’s full-length cashmere overcoats category.

Polo Coat

Initially worn by polo players, polo coat is a loose fitting, casual style coat. Initially, it was supposed to be a double-breasted coat with a belt and sans buttons. But then later it was modified to half-belt, and buttons were added to it along with set-in sleeves. First made out of camel hair, now polo coat is made with various other kinds of fabric and goes with most outfits.


The uber stylish Peacoat is every Insfavoriteogger’s favourite. It instantly uplifts your outfit and gives you a cool yet casual vibe. Peacoats are slightly heavier and end at your hip as compared to other coats. Often comes with a detachable bib and hood, peacoats counts for the most worthy winter buy as it is made from fabrics that keep you super warm. A peacoat is often built in the way that men’s 100 percent cashmere overcoats are made. As cashmere is softer and more luminous, it helps in keeping oneself warm.

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