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Meet TheMan With The Longest Nails In Africa & He Gets Paid For It (Photos)

A Kenyan man is aiming to enter the Guinness World Records as the person with the longest nails on earth. 34-year-old John Waweru said his over 30 centimetre-long nails on his left hand are his main source of income.

“This is my job, this is what feeds me. I go to the beaches and tourists pay to see the fingernails. I also go to places like Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) shows, get-togethers and schools where people pay to see my nails,” the Mombasa-based man told the Daily Nation.

Waweru said that the nails earn him between KSh 2,000 and KSh 10,000 a day.

He has managed to build a four roomed Swahili house and start a nail salon for manicure and pedicure from the income.

However, having the longest nails in the country comes at a cost.

Waweru said he could neither cook nor wash his clothes due to the long nails. He also stopped covering himself with a bedsheet while sleeping in order to avoid breaking the nails.

The Kenyan is still hundreds of centimetres away from breaking the Guinness World Record held by India’s Shridhar Chillal.

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