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Makeover for Your Home

Home Sweet Home… perhaps no place on earth is as sweeter than home and no corner as cozy as the bed… It doesn’t matter whether you are living in 1BHK or penthouse… it’s the home where you can relax completely. But sometimes while gazing around your beautiful surrounding of the stunning city for instance Jaipur, which has been surrounded by the beautiful haveli’s along with the new residential projects in Jaipur, you may feel like giving your own house a sleek makeover, to enhance the beauty of your peaceful abode… of course you want to give that touch up to your house to rejuvenate it… So… what are you waiting for… unleash your sleeves and opt for some DO – IT – YOURSELF tips and present yourself a new house as well as surprise your near and dear ones

Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning includes cleaning the stains from the glass, reaching out to the never visited corners as well as dusting of the rooms. If cleaning the house at one go appears too tedious, then take up one room at a time. For instance, you have a 2BHK, hence you take up different rooms at different point of time. The basic cleaning also includes cleansing the balcony, entrance, trimming the lawn of the garden etc.

Makeover for Your Home

What about a Paint Coat

A Paint Coat can immediately make your home shimmer with radiance. Choose a nice paint coat and you have the option to get it applied by the people or else… you can also do that. During the weekends, this could be a family activity wherein the home will get painted and you will also have some good time bonding with your family members

Repairing the cracks and fixing the damps

With time, it is quite obvious for the house to experience cracks and damps along with the weather conditions. There are lots of options available to fix them. Try to get it fixed before the application of the paint coat

Curtain and Blinds

In sync with the texture of the paints of the wall, what about putting up the set of curtains and blinds in sync with the wall colors

Accessorize your home

This is like the slight touch up which can actually change the look of your house. There are lots of ways you can accessorize your home. If you have furniture which you are planning to change, then, yes… you can… either you can get new furniture… sleeker and better and sale the older ones. A wall hanging or a center table, bean bags and recliners instead of sofa cum bed etc. are couple of options which can enhance the look of the room

Light arrangements

A proper arrangement of lights or maybe a sleek chandelier at the center top, may change the look of the home instantly

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and Kitchens are undoubtedly the most fascinated place in the house. The bathroom is undoubtedly the place where your grey works the best and to rejuvenate the grey cells the kitchen has the trick with the aromatic delicacies. What about upgrading your kitchen to a modular one and upgrade your bathroom with a WC and a bathtub

I bet, after the makeover of your house, you will definitely fall in love with your house again… what… you are planning holidays at your home only with friends and families… cool buddy… enjoy…

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