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Looking For Instant Value In Your Home’s Sale? Consider Roof Shampooing

When it’s time to sell your home, there always are several improvements that can be beneficial. From fresh paint on the living room walls to adding colorful potted plants to the front porch, it’s often these details that attract serious buyers and help close the final deal. Prospective home buyers will even notice things like a roof with black stains.

To help sell a home faster and for list price or above its list price, consider the improvements that offer the best value. Removing any black marks or stains from the roof can transform the look of the entire home, making it appear fresh and attractive almost instantly.

“What Are Those Black Roof Stains?”

This is a question home buyers will likely ask when looking at a home with an unclean roof. What looks like soot or mold on the roof actually may a type of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa magma. It usually appears like a black stain or streak, standing out unattractively on light-colored shingles. This algae detracts from the overall beauty of your home and can turn off potential buyers. In addition, if it’s left untouched, the algae can affect the shingles by aging them prematurely and causing deterioration. The stains may also be moss or a variety of lichen.

Algae, moss, or lichens typically develop on the north-facing side of the roof, where the shingles receive less light. A combination of shade, usually provided by tree cover, plus moisture contribute to their growth. The spores of algae like Gloeocapsa magma can travel by air, so if your neighbor’s home has it, it’s likely your roof will have it too. According to home expert Bob Vila, the algae loves “to feed on the calcium carbonate contained in most asphalt shingles.”

Roof Shampooing can Make the Difference

Avoid pressure washing the algae black stains from your roof. A pressure washer can affect the integrity of asphalt shingles and even cause them to cup, which can lead to leaks and water damage as windblown rain hits up and under the shingles. To safely and effectively remove black stains from your roof and improve the value of the home before selling, look to a professional team. Roof shampooing can revive the look of your roof and save it from premature aging and the need to re-shingle it. These services offer a budget-friendly, environmentally safe, fast way to remove those ugly black stains before the first potential buyers arrive for a walkthrough. Additionally, this method of roof shampooing doesn’t use bleach, which is toxic and can corrode metal. A professional cleaning will extend the life of your roof adding value to the home and making it look great.

At the End of the Day, Curb Appeal is King

Clean homes, both inside and outside, sell faster than homes that are cluttered and dirty. Before selling your home, make sure it looks its absolute best from the curb. It has been shown time and time again by real estate agents that these first impressions are paramount. When contracting to have the roof shampooed, you may want to opt to brighten the driveway and the deck at the same time. Professional cleaning can remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, and more from concrete patios, walkways, the driveway, and from wood decks as well.

Exterior cleaning can make a huge difference in a home’s appearance—and ultimately its time on the market and final selling price. These are important improvements that add value to the home without breaking a seller’s budget. Contact a company today for roof shampooing and other improvements to help increase the home’s value before putting the For Sale sign in the yard!

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