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Law of Attraction: How Big-City Businesses Can Better Draw in Clients

If your business is located in a big city, then it can be tough to get noticed. There are many steps that you can take to rectify this situation. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to attract clients to your big-city business.

Attend Trade Shows

Attending a local trade show may bring you the publicity that you need to succeed. It may be a great way to get your product or service seen by more people. Attending a trade show may also be a great way to network with other professionals who may recommend you to their customers when they have a need. It also gives you an idea of who your main competitors are so that you can watch to see how they are attracting their customers. Make sure to talk about your involvement in the trade show on social media as it may draw the attention of those who would like to go but have other commitments.

Get Listed in Local Directories

Getting listed in local directories is a great way to show support for the community where your business is located. It is also a super way to build your brand image. Getting listed in these directories are also a great way to get more traffic into your business, more emails about your services or to receive additional phone calls to discuss your offerings. While it may cost you a little to get your business listed, doing so usually pays for itself. Think about what local directories your customers are currently using to find new businesses.


Relocating your business to an area where it draws more attention may be key to increasing your traffic flow. If your business is located towards the middle of a city or on a main street, for example, it has a higher chance of being visible to potential clients and, therefore, getting more business. While the rent or price to purchase property may be higher, it may be the key to increasing the number of people in your targeted audience that know about your business. Relocation may also be key to gaining outstanding employees who already have contacts in your chosen field and in the area where the business will be located in. Moving may also help you attract the workers who have the skills that you need. Working with an industrial realtor, like those found at The Schueler Group, may be the key to finding the right property to attract more attention.

Enable Reviews

Make sure that your business is listed in many different places where customers can leave reviews. Research shows that potential customers trust online reviews as much as if a friend recommended a business to them. Respond to every review so that customers know that you care about them. While you will want to impress most customers, everyone understands that you cannot make everyone happy all of the time. Use comments from these reviews on your website. Thank customers who leave positive reviews.
Use these ideas plus your own creative thinking to attract new customers to your business. While it is often tough to make changes, sometimes that is what it takes to grow your business.

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