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Jonathan Has Nothing To Fear Under My Administration – Buhari

President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday declared that President Goodluck Jonathan has nothing to fear under when he assumes office.

He however described President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as a great man even though that they may not agree on method of governance.

He also pledged that APC will not be a ruling party but a governing party that will faithfully serve and not never rule over the people as if they were subservient to government.

Buhari stated this yesterday when he received his certificate of return as winner of the presidential, from the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Prof. Attahiru Jega in Abuja.

Assuring President Jonathan that the respect of the office of the presidency would be extended to him, Buhari said “I have no -ill-will against President Jonathan. Let me state clearly that President Jonathan has nothing to fear from me. Although we may not agree on the method of governing our nation.

“He is a great Nigerian and still our President. He deserves our support and respect by virtue of the office he has held. This is how an honourable nation treats it’s servants and conducts it’s affairs and this is how Nigeria should be.

Buhari said the challenge ahead is very demanding and called on Nigerians to lend their voices to chart a better Nigeria even as he assured that he will not be bias while steering the ship of state pointing out that tribe and creed will not form bases for job of governance pledging to give his best in tackling the challenges.

Buhari noted that the challenge of Boko Haram which confronts the country will be urgently tackled by his administration.

While he noted that the Boko Haram scourge is challenging he said the terror group would soon be faced with the collective will of Nigerians and would soon know the power of this collective will.

“I seek your voice and input as we take up this programme, our unity has suffered greatly and the staying power has been tested to its limit by crises chief amongst which is the insurgency of the Boko Haram, there is no doubt that in tackling the insurgency, we have tough and urgent job to do.

“I assure you that Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our collective will and commitment to bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas. We shall spear no efforts until we deal with terror.

He said his action would be guided by the interest of all Nigerians and the country irrespective of their leanings.

“There shall be no bias on any Nigeria based on ethnicity religion, gender or section or region.

Buhari said under his administration Nigerians will be able to go to bed knowing that “you are safe and that your constitutional rights is in safe hands. You shall express your opinion without fear or favour or victimisation.

“Furthermore, we shall strongly battle another form of evil that is even worse than terrorism—the evil of corruption. Corruption attacks and seeks to destroy our national institutions and character. By misdirecting into selfish hands funds intended for the public purpose, corruption distorts the economy and worsens income inequality. It creates a class of unjustly-enriched people.

“Such an illegal yet powerful force soon comes to undermine democracy because its conspirators have amassed so much money that they believe they can buy government. We shall end this threat to our economic development and democratic survival. I repeat that corruption will not be tolerated by this administration; and it shall no longer be allowed to stand as if it is a respected monument in this nation.

“I ask you to join me in resolving these and the other challenges we face. Along the way, there will be victories but there may also be setbacks. Mistakes will be made. But we shall never take you for granted; so, be rest assured that our errors will be those of compassion and commitment not of wilful neglect and indifference.

“We shall correct that which does not work and improve that which does. We shall not stop, stand or idle. We shall, if necessary crawl, walk and run to do the job you have elected us to do.

“I realise that the expectation of our people today is as high as their commitment to change has been strong and their belief in us unshaken. While we pledge to begin doing our best without delay, we would like to appeal to them to appreciate the gravity of our situation, so that we become more realistic in our expectations.

“We will govern for you and in your interests. Your vote was not wasted. This is not the first time Nigerians have cast their votes for us, and this is not the first time they have been counted; but this is the first time that the votes have been allowed to count. With the help of God, we pledge to do our utmost to bring forth the Nigeria you seek.”

He maintained that as the President of all “I shall work for those who voted for me, those who voted against me and those who do note at all

“We all live under one name, as one nation, we are all Nigerians.

He express gratitude to the All Progressive Congress national party leaders as well as world leaders like Barrack Obama and the EU for their support to Nigeria.

He said the differences of the recent past especially in the campaigns should be put behind and look forward, “Let us put the past especially the recent past behind us. I assure you that our government is going to be a listening and embrace all.

Speaking earlier at the ceremony, Professor Attahiru Jega thanked all for the support and noted that we have done our best in the circumstance and appreciate Nigerians for come out to exercise their franchise.
By Chibuzo Ukaibe

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