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Is Massage Therapy Good For Cyclists?

Cycling involves the use of many muscle groups and this popular form of exercise can be the cause of a lot of stress on your body. Whether you use your bike as a regular means of commuting, you are a recreational cyclist, or you are a competitive racer, you will find that biking can quickly become hard on the legs. So, can you benefit from massage therapy as a cyclist?

Victoria Massage therapy is in fact good for cyclists for several reasons. First, it can be used as a preventative mechanism, to lessen the likeliness that you will develop tight muscles or more severe injuries in the future. While you should always aim to stretch before going for a ride and make sure your bike is the right size and the seat and handlebar are properly adjusted in order to prevent injuries from occurring, regular massages can do a great deal of good, too.


Massage can also be beneficial for enhancing your performance as a cyclist. Often, cycling involves endurance rather than short bursts of motion, which can be hard on your body if you are not in your best form. Massage therapy in Victoria can be used to address muscle tissues that have become fatigued or damaged, allowing you to feel rejuvenated the next time you get on your bike so you can train with more intensity, for whatever purpose.

There are many possible ways that biking can lead to injury, whether while you are biking for yourself or within a race, and sometimes there is little that can be done to prevent these injuries from occurring. The path you are riding on may not continue in the way you expect it to, or road conditions may change, for instance. There is plenty that can go wrong outside of your control, and a lot of the time this can lead to strained muscles or worse outcomes. Fortunately, speeding up your recovery time after you become injured is one other way that massage is good for cyclists. The targeted pressure put on injured areas of the body can help you to feel back to normal sooner.

Many elite cyclists will travel with a massage therapist, and bike races of all levels often have massage tents at the end of the course. This is one form of alternative health care that is becoming increasingly popular among many athletes, for good reason.

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