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Increase Your Revenue With A Display Fridge

Show off cakes and confectionaries to their best advantage by including a display refrigerator in your diner, restaurant, cafeteria, or store. Whether you are selling pre-made sandwiches, cold bottled drinks, or slices of freshly baked pies and cakes, you will need refrigeration equipment in order to showcase the products.

Increase Your Revenue With A Display Fridge

Types of Displays

Both refrigerated display cases and freezers share many of the same components with commercial refrigerators. Display cases allow the seller to have control over retrieving the product, or they may be designed so the customer can reach in and choose what they would like. Usually, a reach-in refrigerator with a glass display is used for fruit juices and soft drinks.

A reach-in display fridge normally holds the aforementioned beverages as well as packaged food products. Certain standards of sanitation must be met in the material and design of all refrigeration equipment. Some display fridges only hold packaged foods, while others are designed to hold open foods or platters of food. Therefore, you should never store open food items in a display refrigerator that is designed to hold packaged foods.

A Broad Array of Choices

You will soon discover that display refrigerators come in a dizzying number of shapes and sizes. You can choose countertop models as well as large display floor units featuring several tiers. Usually, these large displays are only designed for holding packaged foods.

Eye-catching lit top sections of display units and bright interior lighting complement a number of exterior colour choices—all which are designed to capture a customer’s attention and assist in adding a taste-tempting appeal to the food products you sell.

Glass-Sided Displays

Glass-sided display refrigerators are often used to show off baked goods to their best advantage, displaying the foods at multiple angles. Some of these display cases are even equipped with revolving shelves.

You can also display wines in certain refrigerated cases as well as floral bouquets. As you can see, display cases can be well-utilized for a large variety of foods and refrigerated products. Refrigerated freezer displays are used for selling ice and ice cream.

Types of Freezer Doors

When choosing a refrigerated display, both sliding and swinging doors are usually available. Sliding doors are often a good choice if they are placed in a store with narrow aisles. However, the sliding type of door does not seal as well as a swinging door. Therefore, sliding doors may cause you to lose more energy.

The Advantages of LED Lighting

LED interior lighting is a popular option, and standard equipment is preferred on some units. The benefits of LED lighting over traditional type illumination, or a fluorescent light, are that it offers more light output and consumes less electricity. LED-lighted units also provide a longer service life.

A Must-Have Appliance for Increasing Sales

Whatever display refrigerator you choose, make sure it can be optimally used, and that it will save you energy in the long run. If you want to increase you sales revenue, a display refrigerator is a must-have appliance in a store or restaurant.

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