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Improve Your Marketing Using Employees and Social Media

The Great Importance Of Twitter In Enhancing The Employees’ Interaction, Efficiency and Attracting Potential Employees

Modern companies today are now thinking of integrating the use of social media at work instead of seeing it as a bad thing. In truth, social media have paved ways in boosting the success in each and every company at the same time giving more opportunities. Still, the main issue that almost all managers need to face is how to effectively use social media within the workplace. One of the available social media platforms that assist in improving employee’s productivity, abilities and interaction within the organization is Twitter.

Hiring the Best Talent

Emerging Workforce Study have conducted a survey in which 45% of employees considered that the company’s social media existence will impact their choice concerning to where they are going to apply for work. In short, the more prominent the company’s social media presence is; it draws in much more possible employees in return.

One way for a company to boost its online platforms like Twitter is to take advantage of its employees’ personal accounts. This can be manifested whenever employees send tweets about the company’s current events. In comparison to the company’s Twitter account alone, it will be simpler to cover different online communities if all the Twitter accounts of your workers are maximized. This will create greater awareness and reach many prospective employees who would be interested in working for the company.

A working environment that is much less rigid and offers flexibility of employees to tweet in the workplace is a highly attractive factor to the new generation of talented workers. Creative minds usually learn new ideas if there’s no restricted rules hanging on their back. Hence, a flexible workplace presents a good platform.

Obviously, excessive use of social media at work is detrimental to productivity. That’s why companies should carefully assess how to incorporate social media at work without suffering from any rebound effects. As such, firms can better manage social media in workplace simply by making it accessible to departments that can improve its work performance and tasks. Such departments include customer care services, sales and advertising departments.

Enhanced Productivity

The productivity of certain groups of employees is enhanced through the use of social media according to the new findings by Evolv (a company that evaluates the metrics of Fortune 500 companies). The social interaction provided by sites such as Twitter provides the best opportunity for many sales people to achieve greater reach with potential clients. Compared to the employees who aren’t benefiting from the usage of social media, these employees are able to close several deals and just bringing their company to greater heights.

Various businesses have also taken advantage of the broad reach provided by Twitter by making use of their accounts as customer care platforms. The concerns, queries and complaints from customers and Targeted Twitter Followers can be easily handled by employees by means of social platforms. This assists in ensuring customer loyalty as well as long term sales prospects for the firm.

Workers who have frequent access to Twitter are better able to identify views and opinions of the public concerning their company. Where possible, some of the misguided opinions may be corrected before they get out of control. Early detection of such erroneous information about the company will enable brand managers to take corrective action. As a result, the reputation of the company is left unstained.

Such social platforms as Twitter provide a great opportunity for following up on previous clients of the company. It provides the best opportunity for sales personnel to continuously stay in touch with past clients without being obtrusive. This provides the firm much better odds of landing other sales opportunities from return customers.

Employees who accomplish prominence and recognition in social media would also give fame to the company in which they work. Many individuals on social media would have a good perception of the companies in which well-known professionals work. Thus, by building their fame and recognition as respectable professionals on social media, employees would in turn bring fame and recognition to the companies where they work.

Better Relationships at Work

In terms of modern organizations, they offer an open line of communication between entry level personnel and greatest ranking executives. This can be further enhanced through use of social media. Such a platform as Twitter facilitates for an unreserved and honest interaction between employees at different levels in an organization. This will also give lower level employees an opportunity to say what they like to say towards the higher level personnel within the company. This is contrary to typical memos and emails which provide less chance for entry level employees to express their unreserved opinions.

Twitter really gives a clear line of social communication between workers that promotes understanding and appreciation. Moreover, workers can freely share their ideas, perspectives, and how they see life which can help them lead to much better options. Having an awareness of these problems assists HR managers to develop methods and programs that will lead to least resistance within the organization.

Countless of businesses these days are integrating team building activities that will develop social interaction to all workers. And one way to considerably improve social interaction is through social media. Besides the relationship between employees in the work setting, they can also form a bond by sending tweets with each other on Twitter. Hence, cooperation and team work in the company is highly developed.

Once workers and managers are having a healthy line of communication on Twitter, this promotes understanding not only on a personal level but in addition to the innate abilities and talents they have. This gives beneficial insight especially during consideration for promotion in the organization. However, HR managers can figure out the ideals and values of the workers which also serve as a basis for promotion.

Many business organizations recognize the importance of social media in business management. It has become an important item without which no business can hope to achieve great heights of prosperity and success. Regardless how big or small your company is, as long as you know how to control and use the benefits of social media; long term stability and productivity will be in your hands.

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