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Improve How You Teach Kids To Dance With These Easy Tips

dance classes for kids in miami

Teaching kids anything is an extremely difficult task to complete, as they often get distracted with unimportant matters and are never completely sure of what they are learning. Especially when attempting to teach them something that is not very easy, such as dance, it makes the situation harder. However, there are a variety of different methods that you, as a dance teacher, can incorporate so that teaching your students does not become the strenuous task that it generally becomes. Not only will these techniques make your life easier, but it will also allow every student to learn more about the routine or move that you are teaching them about. Here are some tips to improve how you teach dance classes for kids in Miami.

Be Coherent And Precise

When explaining a series of movements that you want the class to do, you don’t want to be over explaining the routine before the students have even seen or completed the steps. By going too far in depth with the explanation, you will most likely confuse the students and ends up with a class of children bumping into each other as they do what they think is the routine. Instead, you need to simplify the routine as much as possible and showcase the dance. However, before you begin showcasing the steps in the routine, you should describe at what point they will do something before you inform them what they are doing. By doing this, the students will be able to keep a mental note of at what points they will have to be doing the movements, which assists them with not getting off beat. Dancing with your class allows them to see the steps as you explain it to them so that they can then memorize and complete the exact movements. Move throughout the room as you have them run through the number, not only so that you will be able to assist them with their movements, but so that you are able to participate as well. Many students just want a teacher who will dance alongside them and make the class not only more engaging, more fun. Once you have run through it and they understand the basics of it, this is when you should start complicating the dance and adding more difficult steps.

Test Your Students And Yourself

As a teacher, you may want your students to follow the exact routine you came up for them and act out its steps in the way you meant for them to be completed. However, this may not always be the best thing for your class nor for you. Sometimes it is best to live in the moment and focus on what is occurring with your class instead of simply focusing on if they are all comprehending the entirety of the routine. Being able to undergo the experiences that your students are also encountering at the same time enables you to become aware of their needs and learn from them. Not every dance class will be the same because not every student is the same and due to this fact, every class will have different needs that you, as the teacher, must fulfill. Living in the moment, overall, allows you to learn how to be better at teaching them, what their needs are, and make the connection to your students stronger. By having a strong bond with your class and knowing what their needs are, you will be able to challenge them. No person can do a certain move or routine perfectly, so it is up to you to push their boundaries and encourage them to do better. Continuing to challenge and push the abilities of your class, without it affecting them negatively, encourages the growth of their dance skills. The reason their skills are able to grow and flourish is due to their creativity being able to take place within the class when everyone is living in the moment. Since there are so many students in the room, and each has their own idea to express about what dance moves the routine should involve, the creativity process will be chaotic. Many children will want to incorporate different styles of dance into the routine in the midst of this chaos. However, it is good to have this happen because it means your students are having fun and want to participate. While you want to encourage your students, you want them to have fun. Not many dance classes in Miami will allow for this process to occur in their class, so by you doing this for your students, you become a better teacher.

Main The Class Rules

For almost all children, they assume the rules they know to apply to every class environment that they are in which is far from the truth, especially when in a dance class. As a result of this, it is up to you to enforce your specific classes rules each time that your class meets and remind them of these rules if a student disobeys them. Having rules is essential to having the class run smooth and having no child get hurt while in the midst of dancing. Of course, you cannot prevent all injuries, but by having rules that apply to your class will decrease the likelihood of any occurring. As well, having these rules enforces the fact that you are the teacher and the students must listen to you if they want to learn. While it was previously said that chaos is good for a dance class so that students can go through their own creative process, there is a difference between the chaos of learning and the chaos of no one paying attention to you.

For many dance classes for kids in Miami, they do not have teachers who attempt to become better and, instead, who only focus on teaching their classes the dance routines or steps. That is why working at or attending a good studio, such as Mady’s Dance Factory, will have the proper environment for teachers to have the ability to grow and the right environment for students to have a better dance class experience.

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