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How To Properly Secure Our Garage?

Two mismatched garage doors on a colorful house

Unfortunately, it is possible that our garage isn’t secure enough and many people are concerned that their car won’t still be in its place when we return from a long vacation. We should be aware that burglars aren’t stupid and they tend to target houses that are left unattended for days by the owner. So, if we are planning to have a vacation, it is important to make sure that the garage doesn’t have weaker spots that allow intruders to enter the house. Focusing on the traditional locks isn’t enough and we may need to expand the elaborate home security to the garage as well.

If we are still planning to construct the whole house, it is important to make sure that the wall construction for the garage is strong enough. Garage could have relatively larger wall, so we should consider making double brick walls. The external surface could also be reinforced with facade board or steel corrugated sheet to make penetration somewhat more difficult. The internal surface of the garage wall could also be improved with sheet iron to improve security and rigidity. If burglars know that they can’t penetrate the walls and windows, they will start to check a part that’s supposed to be opened, the door.

The doorframe of our garage should be strengthened and corners of the doorposts should be reinforced with angle iron, so it is nearly impossible to pull the door. Again, check the garage door itself and consider whether it is possible for thieves to remove the wooden panels. In this case, wooden panels on our garage door should become only ornamental elements. So, even if thieves are able to remove them, they will find strong inner frame made from solid block of wood or metal.

If the door itself can’t be penetrated, thieves will check the hinges and in many garages, doors have hinges that are attached with screws and worse, they are accessible from the outside. In this case, any part of the hinge should be located inside and not accessible. Padlock and latches could further improve the security of the garage. In many cases, garage doors have both of them so it will take more time for burglars to enter the garage. Again, all parts of the locking mechanism should be placed inside, so they are nearly impossible to reach.

In general, we should be aware that burglars tend to do things quietly and it would be very helpful if we are able to set up a surprise. If burglars hear something loud nearby, they will be think about leaving immediately. We should set an audio signal that attracts attention and is disturbing. To achieve this, we should use door sensor and motion sensor. The core of the alarm system should be located inside the house and has backup power source, so even if the electrical supply is terminated by the burglars, it will still make loud noise for a period of time. Some alarm systems are integrated with the Internet and cellular network, so we could receive instant message, email and text message simultaneously.

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