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How to open a new play school?

Each year many schools begin generates expectations in the parents, the children and also in the teachers. Different states have different rules to be followed for new school opening procedure.

For young children who start their school life, entering this level of schooling represents a significant change in their existence, but also their family group suffers the impact.

This stage initiates the step to socialization which implies the incorporation of habits, customs and rules proper to the school environment. And much of the learning will be linked to the way in which this process of socialization takes place.

On the other hand, for the children who have already started this stage, this is a moment of reunion with their classmates, the institution, and the teachers.

One of the primary functions of the garden is the initiation and construction of links with the community.

This is, therefore, a very special date, which awakens anxieties, anxieties, and fears.

Consequently, one of the aims pursued is to provide a sphere of contention to the entire educational community. It is essential that the garden authorities present the teachers in charge of each room. This is the first step of approaching children and parents.

Proposed objectives:

  • Facilitate the integration of new members of the school institution.
  • Establish the first contacts of the children with the institutional life.
  • Know the expectations of parents about the school year.

Activities per room:

  • The teacher in each room will prepare a simple game, which consists simply of putting together a puzzle to form the word WELCOME or another one of your choice.
  • To do this, the word is written on a cardboard with capital letters and then the letters are cut out.
  • Hide the letters in different places in the room.
  • Invite parents and children to find the parts of the puzzle.
  • Once found all is armed and pasted on a poster leaving room to perform the activity that follows.
  • The parents write in the places that were free, the expectations, wishes and hopes they have in relation to the garden.
  • Children’s opinions can also be written, since they are the main stakeholders.

Activity for the whole garden:

  • The parents, children and teachers from all over the garden gather.
  • The teachers, or the director, relate the content of the posters with the objectives of the institution.
  • All posters are placed in a visible place in the garden.
  • These posters can then be saved and will be used for the closing ceremony of the school year.

Playing to guess:

  • This activity tries to generate a pleasant climate, in which parents and children can share a moment that makes it possible to integrate both into the garden.
  • The idea is to organize groups composed of parents and children colored candy, ribbons or drawings can be used to separate them into groups.
  • Each group is given leaves and colored pencils.

Hopefully, these points will help and get idea for School Set up Cost and other related issues.

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