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How To Make Your First Day At Your Dream Job Go Well

Most people have a job or job title that they have yearned for their entire lives. For those who are lucky enough to eventually earn that position, it is important to do whatever it takes to keep it. Therefore, it is critical to have a good first day and make a lasting impression on others within the company.

Don’t Try Too Hard

If you have been promoted to a management position, it may take some time to transition into someone seen as an authority figure at the office. However, you were likely picked for the job because of your natural ability to lead and motivate others. Therefore, on your first day, simply stay within yourself and keep displaying the skills that got you the job. Do try hard, but be yourself. Don’t pretend to know things you don’t. Stay humble, teachable, but also show what you have to offer.

Show Up On Time

While you may have received your dream job, you will likely still have a boss and colleagues who depend on you. If the position was offered on a probationary basis, you can expect that everyone will be scrutinizing your performance. Therefore, make it a point to get the first day started off right by being on time for work. In fact, it may be a good idea to show up a few minutes early to allow for some time to get your emotions under control. You should also show up to your new job location on time. If you are relocating for the position it would be ideal to hire a long distance moving company and get settled in before you start. You don’t want to deal with the stress of relocation on top of learning the ropes.

Get to Know Your New Colleagues

If you have moved to a different company or a different division within your current company, there will be many people who don’t know you. This means that you will need to spend some time introducing yourself to your new colleagues. These introductions can come in person, through a corporate email or through social media. Establishing a rapport with your colleagues will make it easier for everyone to be successful on day one and beyond.

Get Your Office or Cubicle Organized Ahead of Time

If possible, get your office or other work area organized before your official first day on the job. This will make it easier to step into work ready to go instead of spending hours unpacking boxes. It may also give you a chance to make sure that your mobile device and the network that it is on are both secure.
Poor performance or poor people skills can be an easy way to lose the dream job that you worked so hard to get. Therefore, make it a point to stay focused and resist the urge to coast now that you have reached the pinnacle of your career.

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