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How to Make Protein Shake Properly?

Protein shakes can be good or bad, depending on how we make it. Instead of purchasing the pre-packaged product, it is possible to make a protein shake on our own. We could also adjust the flavour depending on our preferences. When making a nutritious protein shake, we should be able to decide what ingredients to add and how much. This will also allow us to define the fat and calorie content. It means that we will have a really delicious and healthy protein shake, as long as we don’t do this excessively. Protein shake has a liquid base, added with some extra items. The admittedly, creamy and tasty milkshake is also based on liquid base, plus ice creams, chocolate syrup and other ingredients. However, milkshake is essentially fattening and protein is actually not a true “shake”. Any milkshake is made of a thick dairy base that’s whipped up. In general, protein shake is supposed to help people bulk up for weightlifting sessions. Some protein shakes have somewhat high calorie content to help people enlarge their muscles, while others have lower calories to help overweight people to lose weight.

There are different liquid bases that we could use for our protein shake, such as coconut water, soy milk, almond milk, skim milk and others. However, these liquids are obviously less creamy that full-cream, thick milk; so we could use non-fat Greek yogurt, that’s known for its thickness and creaminess. People who want to bulk up their muscles would need more protein than average person. In this case, we could add some protein powder and for a more natural taste, we could add some nuts. When making a protein shake, we should decide on a proper taste. However, when attempting to enhance the taste, we shouldn’t excessively increase the calorie content. As an example, if we prefer a combination of peanut and chocolate, we should add a chocolate flavoured protein powder and a teaspoonful of peanut butter. Compared to other liquid bases, milk is the most natural selection. However, we should try to use skim milk instead of the fat-rich whole milk. This will prevent us from adding too much calorie in our shake. Alternatively, almond and soy milk could provide us a different taste.

When attempting to make a tasty protein shake, we should start from a strong base. Our shake in its basic, unflavored state should already be tasty enough. This could be about properly choosing the right liquid base and protein source. So, if we put additional taste, it is more likely that we will make it tastier. Cocoa is a beneficial food and it’s high in antioxidants. A teaspoonful of pure cocoa powder could add extra nutrients to our shake and it will become tastier. When making a standard milkshake, we add plenty of ice cream to make it creamier and thicker. But because protein shake is supposed to be healthier, we should choose yogurt, instead; preferable Greek yogurt with its thicker consistency.

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