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How To Keep Auto Glass Clean

Keeping your auto glass clean is essential for keeping you safe while you’re on the road. You need to be able to see everything around you, and even a few water spots can reduce your visibility significantly. With this post from our Victoria auto glass repair professionals, we provide you with some tips to get your auto glass clean so it can be spotless.

Don’t use cleaners containing ammonia on tinted windows

There are several problems that come along with using a cleaner that contains ammonia, no matter what kind of window you are using it on. First of all, inhaling the fumes of ammonia can be very dangerous due to fumes that are released. This is especially bad if you inhale the fumes while you are in an enclosed space such as the interior of your vehicle.


Ammonia can also cause the drying out of rubber, leather, plastic, and vinyl. Perhaps the most essential instance for which you should avoid using cleaners that use ammonia is on tinted windows. Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia in them, and these cleaners are not meant to be used on tinted windows as the chemical will damage the tinting. To clean your auto glass, you need to use a cleaner that has been designed especially for auto glass–it should state that is is safe for use on tinted windows or that it is free of ammonia. For tinted windows in particular, you should consider using a special polish to keep the tint safe, before you use the cleaner that will do the actual work of fixing the appearance of the glass.

Use water on a microfibre cloth to get rid of tough spots

If you would prefer to avoid the use of chemicals altogether, you will find that water on its own just on a paper towel or regular cloth will get the glass looking cleaner, but won’t necessarily help to rid the surface of spots such as from the remains of bugs. To better be able to get the glass clear completely, purchase a microfibre cloth that is meant to specifically be used for glass and dampen it on one side. Scrub the glass using the damp side, then turn the cloth over and use the dry side to get rid of any streaks.

Another method from our auto glass repair professionals for cleaning auto glass is to first use the cleaning product, and afterwards use water and microfibre to finish the job.

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