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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Do you have a pest problem in your Dubai home? Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sloppy! Probably every household has experienced a pest infestation at some point. The lucky ones only have to deal with ants, the less lucky ones have to go through a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are considered one of the worst pests, because they carry diseases, breed quickly and are very hard to get rid off. Furthermore they are night active, so you won’t notice them, unless you have a massive infestation in your home and they are forced to look for new shelter in daylight – because there are simply not enough hiding spots for all of them.
Since most of us don’t really know how to eliminate the problem, we tend to immediately reach out to a cockroach control companies – which is a great idea! But before you do so, try these 6 steps to get rid of cockroaches without hiring professionals:
1. Identification: Cockroaches prefer humid, warm and dark spots – that is why kitchens and bathrooms are usually the high activity areas. Put some double sided tape in places you assume them to be highly active in, so you can find out what kind of cockroach you are dealing with.

2. Eliminate sources of life: Like any other living creature cockroaches need food and water for survival. By removing these factors, they are most likely to wander off or – ideally – starve to death. Keep food in glass or plastic containers and caulk around all of your water pipes to avoid any leakages.

3. Remove shelter: Cockroaches are capable of flattening their bodies to fit into any crack or behind any item, so make sure to seal every crack and gap in the walls and floors, as well as all spaces between furniture and your walls. Also, pour bleach down the drains to prevent them to come through your building’s pipes.

4. Sanitation: Vacuum your floors daily to get rid of crumbs and wipe them with a vinegar-water mixture to remove the cockroaches scent, which attracts new cockroaches.

5. Baiting: Spread baits around your house – put them anywhere you suspect cockroaches. You can either buy cockroach baits or make them yourself with boric acid powder. Repeat this procedure every day until you don’t find any dead roaches anymore.

6. Prevent new infestation: To avoid that cockroaches come into your home again, check if the critical spots are still sealed and bait regularly. This way you should be able to live a roach-free life.

In case you seem to be unsuccessful getting rid of cockroaches yourself, you should definitely hire a professional pest control company, since they have access to certain chemicals, which are unavailable in everyday stores. After they have removed the infestation for you, you should still follow steps 3 and 6, to prevent pests from returning.

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