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How To Choose a Fishing Charter in Prince Rupert

If you want to book a fishing charter for a day this summer, you have a lot of factors to consider. We at Thunder 1 Adventures offer Prince Rupert fishing charters have some tips to make the experience positive.

1. Do your research ahead of time

Take advantage of online fishing forums and review sites to choose a charter, remembering that one bad review does not mean you should forget one option all together. Some reviewers’ bad experiences may have been a fluke. Be concerned only if several customers have left similar comments.

And if, while walking on a dock, you get approached by a captain who persuades you to book with them, don’t agree right away. Take the time to do some research if you can and come back later when you are ready.

2. Find a captain you will have a good time with

As tempting as it is to pick the fastest boat, the captain will have a bigger impact on you. Look out for what the online reviews say about them, and if you can talk to the captain ahead of time, don’t discount your first impressions.

3. Consider going on a half-day charter if you are new to this

You might love it and want to book again or instead feel a half-day was enough. And if you have a bad experience, then you will have lost less and for the next time will know what you are looking for.

4. Find out the charter’s fishing techniques and preferences

Before you book a charter, find out whether you will be trolling or casting light tackle on the boat, so you can go with your preference. Ask also whether they allow you to keep anything you catch, or if they catch and release or catch and keep it to sell.

5. Check that the charter is trained, licensed, and bonded, especially if it is cheap

If you find a surprisingly good deal, ask the captain for their license numbers and credentials ahead of time to ensure you can trust them. Find out if there are guide’s associations in your area and if the captain is a part of one–and if they are not, ask why.

6. Use the recommended options if you are on a cruise or at a resort

If you trust the cruise or resort you are with, you can trust the fishing charter that they recommend. Going with your cruise’s preferred choice in particular will also mean that they will likely have a plan if your fishing charter takes longer than expected.

7. If you come across a female captain, consider them a solid option

Women have to work harder and longer to get ahead in this industry, so if you find a female captain and the charter seems reputable, you can feel assured that she will be a good quality guide.

8. Be wary if a charter has last-minute availability in a busy season

If you find a charter that has all of the coming weekend available, you should definitely do your beforementioned research. There might be a reason why no one else is booking.

We hope these tips will serve you well wherever you are looking for a fishing charter this summer. And if you are in Prince Rupert or considering travelling here, contact us at Thunder 1 Adventures.

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