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How Moving Affects Dogs?

Everyone loves dogs.  Dogs are our best friends and our always by our side no matter what.  They are friendly, comforting, and loyal.  What is there not to love about that?  Dog’s are as big a part of a family as any other member and are affected by big decisions just like the rest of the family.  A big decision that affects not only the kids and parents, but dogs as well is moving houses.  Moving is a very big decision and can greatly disrupt and bother a dog.  Dogs are very sensitive and can have a strong reaction to moving because of their love, safety, and comfort of their familiar surroundings. Not only will their surrounding changes, but so will their set routines and this can cause concern for dogs.

Moving Dogs

Dogs can be very jittery and nervous at the beginning of the move and often they feel disoriented and shaken when thrown into new surroundings and circumstances.  The initial period of the move is the most important time to show your dog that you love and care for them and that you did not forget about them.  Separation anxiety can really set on a dog right after the move and they can begin to feel uncomfortable when left by themselves.  After unpacking your essentials and getting all the basics and logistics figured out after the move, it is important to spend as much quality time with your dog as possible so that they can become comfortable with the new house and get back to their true selves.

The actual act of moving is just as important as getting your dog settled in at your new house.  You want to choose the best travel option so that your dog can be as comfortable as possible.  That mode of transportation is by car.  You will be able to keep an eye on your dog and in turn they will feel much calmer and safer with move and feel that you have not abandoned them. Professional Nanaimo movers will take care of all your valuables and make sure they get safely to your new home so that you can help alleviate some of the stress and concern your dog has with the move.  Moving does not have to be stressful for you or your dog so let Sunrise Moving and Storage lightens the load for you and make your move become less stress inducing and more simple.

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