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How Managers Can Make Routine Maintenance a Breeze

Managers have oversight not only over employees but also the job site. Many work in an office building that functions efficiently most of the time. However, like anything else, office buildings can develop problems over time. Savvy managers will try to head off potential issues by scheduling routine maintenance for inspections and minor repairs.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems are among the most common in office buildings. From overflowing toilets, to backed up drains, water control can present a major workplace hazard due to slippery floors, unusable toilets, and odors. Scheduling a plumber to check the water system for leaks or sediment and other kinds of slow-building issues can help to catch them early before they cause extensive damage costing hundreds of dollars.

Electrical Concerns

A commercial electrician can sometimes be worth his or her weight in gold. During a periodic inspection, frayed or damaged wiring can be located, which might cause a fire if not repaired. Ungrounded outlets are another source of concern. An office building’s lighting may need to be updated to prevent slipping or falls in dim lighting. With so many important electrical concerns to be aware of, scheduling a routine inspection and evaluation with a commercial electrician makes sense and is worth every dime, especially when considering the potential loss of life or documents that could result from out-of-date wiring or wrongly connected wires.

HVAC Concerns

Heating and cooling are critical elements of workplace comfort and support. Without heat in winter or lacking air conditioning in summer, employees may find it difficult if not impossible to do their jobs. Equipment can break down if the indoor temperature is out of whack. People get sick more easily if their body temperatures are struggling to keep pace with the office temperature. Annual or semiannual inspections of the heating system and air conditioning system helps to keep everything working as it should.


No matter how new a building may be, if you work in an area of extreme weather conditions during the year, it is a good idea to have the roof checked occasionally for possible unseen damage. Loose shingles or torn tiles, as well as damaged areas around the chimney or gutters, can lead to interior leaks of water, snow, and ice, exacerbated by hot sunny days. It is cheaper to catch a problem in the making than to deal with one that has already developed.

Routine checkups for the office are as helpful as doctor visits for people. Keep your workspace functional by scheduling routine maintenance once or twice a year, or sooner if signs of trouble appear. You can then work in a worry-free environment that is comfortable and safe.

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