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How Frosted Window Film Supports A Positive Work Space

frosted glass window film

Working for hours on end is not an enjoyable experience for any person which is why for many, they must have a positive work environment in order to be completely efficient with their work and the interactions they have with clients. A variety of factors go into to creating this positive environment such as concrete work relationships with others, challenging demands, credence, and more. These all play into increasing the satisfaction of both employees and bosses, in turn, improving productivity. However, one aspect of having positive workspace is having the actual area itself. If the space is bland or does not feel positive to employees, it will hinder the entire work environment and the work that is produced. Here is how frosted window film supports a positive workspace.

Light, Space, And Community

Being in a dark and crowded space while attempting to think of creative ideas to put into effect is torture for any sane person. That is why many employees desire an open workspace with natural light shining in so that they can have plenty of room to walk around and feel the sunlight as they do. If possible, an office will have both interior and exteriors windows that allow the natural light to be let in. Fluorescent lights can be blinding and cause massive headaches to those who encounter it every day, which is why work environments need as much natural light as feasible. With exterior windows, it permits the actual light to be let inside the office while interior windows create a sense of more space. Not only is a sense of more personal space created by interior windows, but a sense of community is built by having this space. A company is one big entity comprised of multiple sections (departments) and within those sections are individualized units (employees). If one unit was to suddenly stop working, it would disrupt the entire entity. That is why every unit and section must be interconnected so that if one was to mess up, it would have others to make up for this. Having a frosted window film allows a sense of community to be felt by employees because they will be able to see what others are working on and feel more compelled to engage in conversation with them. Overall, the light and space that frosted windows provide increase the sense of community so that productivity can be increased.


While your workspace needs to have open space and sunlight, one important requirement necessary for a successful work environment is privacy. Privacy is necessary so that employees can work without distraction from others and in order to protect any information involving a customer/client. Some offices or industries, such as a doctor’s office and bank teller’s office, cannot not have privacy and confidentiality because if any details about a client were to get out, they risk the possibility of a lawsuit. Creating a safe and secure work environment that ensures privacy is a top priority for your business so that a customer will want to continue to work with your employees while also possibly referring you to others. However, privacy is also crucial for any conference or meeting room. When in a meeting, you want every part person in the room to be engaged and contributing to the conversation. As well, with privacy, it minimizes the number of distractions that will be encountered so that everyone will remain on schedule. With frosted windows, it adds an element of privacy without providing full coverage. Full coverage windows can sometimes remove the sense of community that is supposed to be created by interior windows. Of course, it is possible to receive frosted windows the provide full coverage, however, it is not necessary. Frosted window film can also be used on exterior windows to fully protect the information of clients while also allowing natural sunlight to be let in. Overall, frosted windows are good for shielding information from being leaked to those who should not have the information.

Work Branding

Not only does a frosted window film encourage a stronger sense of community among employees and improve productivity, but it supports the branding of your company in the workspace. The film can deliver the message and design that reflects the brand or culture of not only the office but the company as a whole. Having company values posted on a window to be seen for every customer acts as a way to inform them of why they should continuously repeat working with you. However, it also acts a reminder for employees of the company’s core values and that they should be putting them into effect when interacting with any potential or current clients. The messages/designs of the company can be displayed on the frosted window by cutting a design into or out of the film itself or by printing it onto the film digitally. The cutting of the film can be cut in either positive or negative representations. Positive space designs are made by creating shapes and letter out of the film while negative space designs are actually cut into the film itself and then applied to a window. No matter how you want the film of your frosted window designed, it is a perfect opportunity for promoting your work brand.

Frosted window films support a positive workspace in a multitude of different ways which, in turn, increases the productivity of a company’s employees and creates a stronger sense of community among every employee. While you may be unsure of what design is best for your business and it’s brand, with the help of a company such as CHB Industries, who can create and install the frosted film onto the window, you will be able to receive help from those that know what looks best. If you have any questions about the techniques used to create the design or if a certain design is possible to make, make an appointment for a free consultation!

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