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How A Managed Server Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

managed servers email marketing

Email marketing has become increasingly effective, and you can boost its effectiveness even further with a dedicated managed server that handles all your email marketing functions. Email marketing conversion rates have quadrupled over the last four years, according to a Custora report, with about 7 percent of customers acquired through email marketing. In contrast, fewer than 2 percent of customers are acquired via affiliate marketing, banner ads or social media channels.

Dedicated Managed Servers Explained

A dedicated managed server combines the concepts of a dedicated server and a managed server, providing a host of benefits for email marketing campaigns. Instead of leasing a server you share with other companies, you lease a server dedicated solely to your firm. Rather than utilizing that server for several functions, you set it aside for the sole purpose of handling your email marketing campaigns and correspondence.

The management portion of the equation means your dedicated server is managed by your host. That service monitors and manages the upkeep of your dedicated server, providing services that include updates for software and OS updates, firewall and backup services, database management, security audits and scans, virus and spam protection and server recovery when needed. Your management service also provides control panel software, advanced configurations and application deployment for your server as well technical and customer support.

Your Server’s Impact on Email Marketing

A server that is dedicated to your company and used exclusively for your email marketing offers major benefits over a shared server you employ for a variety of needs. A dedicated server provides you with a dedicated and private IP address, which means you are only responsible for the activity linked to that address. The SMTP News blog points out that following good email practices will fortify your sender reputation, which ensures email is delivered to inboxes on your opt-in list rather than spam folders across the board. As the Best Email Solutions blog points out, email receivers can discern between a valid email sent from a valid address and unsolicited emails stemming from a server that employs unsavory email marketing tactics.

Using a dedicated server means you don’t have to worry about another company’s poor email practices or other server functions slowing down or otherwise marring your email delivery rates. Additional benefits of managed, dedicated servers for email marketing include enhanced safety and security with software and OS updates, access to log files and data management services that help ensure that every email recipient did indeed sign up for your email list and a managed review of spam complaints to keep your reputation intact. One more benefit is the elimination of delayed mailings, since you are not sharing an IP address with other companies. Email marketing programs often use shared servers and emails sent from a specific IP address are often queued and delayed delivery until all other messages from other companies are collected for delivery.

Email marketing works, but only if you have adequate tools in place to leverage its full benefits and keep your email reputation out of the spam bin. A dedicated managed server ensures you neither have to worry about reputation infringement nor the day-to-day hassles that come with monitoring and managing a large-scale database.

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