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House Cleaning & How it Prevents Mold Growth

There’s plenty types of mold, and they are everywhere. Yes, its in your home, on the coach and even on your kitchen cutting board, it’s part of our environment. The problem starts when high levels of mold are found indoors, something that could be prevented with a simple house cleaning.

Most mold growth that occurs indoors is caused by tiny mold spores (which are practically invisible) – landing on moist surfaces. These mold spores are transferred in and out of our homes every day as they float through the air, its main purpose in life is breaking down dead organic matter.

Simple Tips to Reduce Mold Growth

Properly clean and upkeep your house – that’s the simple version anyways, read on for more information.

You need to understand that you’ll never get all of these mold spores out of your house – and you don’t have to! All you have to do is to make sure there aren’t any unnecessarily lingering moist surfaces in your home that you’re not taking care of. Remember, mold won’t grow – if moisture isn’t present. Indoor mold growth can easily be prevented – it’s better to prevent it, than have to deal with hiring a professional mold removal company. A lot of people make a specific mistake when dealing with mold growth, namely they only get rid of the mold, but complete forget to take care of the cause of mold in the first place. Here are some helpful tips;

Keep it Dry – Be sure to fix the water or moisture problem after cleaning out the mold itself, if you don’t, well, it’ll probably just come back.Keep bathroom floors dry and check calking integrity often. In the summer time, wipe down any condensation on windows or air duct outlets.

House Cleaning –Often, a simple house cleaning could reduce the amount of mold spores in the indoor air and prevent new colonization of mold. Common house dust is basically 10% mold spores, just waiting for some moisture to start growing, so a simple dust cleaning could prevent such a problem.

HVAC Filters – Replace the HVAC filer often and buy the good kind. Most filter brands have a list of particles it removes, be sure that one of them is mold spores. HVAC filters handle the entire volume of air of your home, a few times a day. So it plays a significant role in reducing mold growth and allergens in the air.

HEPA Vacuuming – One of the better ways to reduce mold indoors is using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. These remove nearly all allergenic particles, down to the smallest bacteria from the air. Using HEPA vacuum for your floors, carpets, drapes or any surface basically, is actually what the professionals use in mold remediation jobs.

Mold Killers – Instead of your regular cleaners, use a natural mold killer. Some new products on the market utilize natural non-toxic formulas that are safer and more effective in mold removal and prevention.

Following those steps will not only keep your home squeaky clean, it will make it healthier for you and your family, and will not take much more time than your regular cleaning.

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