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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is development coordination and learning disorder that disrupts the way a normal human brain interprets and processes information. Dyslexia kids have difficulty reading and writing anything. They have trouble processing, recognizing and recalling any verbal information and are incapable of phonological; awareness, i.e., the ability to comprehend speech sound and later the meaning of the words.

Why Homeschool?

Every child has individual education needs. Imparting education to a dyslexic kid through public schools may not be a useful methodology since the traditional classrooms in schools have a one-fits-all curriculum strategy. A dyslexic student will be perceived as a slow learner and won’t be able to benefit from the curriculum followed in the school. Parents of dyslexic kids have mostly complained about the school teaching methods being ineffective in the intellectual growth of their child since many public schools do not have either the level of understanding or aren’t adequately-equipped to serve to the individualized needs of the kids.

Following are the benefits of homeschooling a dyslexic child:

  • Since each kid has their individuating learning manner, the homeschool program for reading, comprehension, composition, and spelling can be revised accordingly.
  • There is no haste in completing the syllabus, and hence if one method is not working, another technique can be tried. Similarly, there is enough time to come up with a remedial process for the lacking areas.
  • Kids can easily focus on the area that interests them with homeschooling and parents can develop future lesson plans accordingly.
  • There are common emotional issues associated with dyslexia. Homeschooling kids can help eliminate the peer competition, the feeling of failure in tests\, etc. which further boosts the confidence and escalates progress.

How to plan a homeschool curriculum?

  • First and foremost look for resources and tools catering to the learning style of dyslexic kids. Look for online resources or ask for referrals. Check with homeschool management of your rare: district or state.
  • You can also consult an educational psychologist to help you with specific instructions and recommendations.
  • Since dyslexic kids have difficulty reading and writing, you can get an audio resource curriculum. Dyslexia children love to be read to. Look for audio-based -learning systems.
  • Make use of assistive technology to handle the writing easily, since dyslexia considerably affects the writing ability of the person.
  • Teaching spelling is a primary concern for parents and teachers of a dyslexic child. Look for a comprehensive spelling curriculum. Similarly, you can look for multi-sensory maths curriculum.

Yes, we agree there is no cure for dyslexia, as of now but that doesn’t mean that your child should be deprived of education. Although they have a problem with language processing, these kids are often exceptionally creative, intelligence and remarkably productive. Then why not enhance their skills with a proficient homeschool curriculum?  You can check out effective homeschool curriculum online for every grade be it preschool or 4nd grade homeschool curriculum and select the one that best suits your child’s learning style.  

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