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Here’s The List Of Different Types Of Foundation Cracks

Does your home is also the home of cracks? Are you done with all the tips, tricks and DIYs to repair those ugly cracks? Either you might not be approaching the right way to get rid of such defects, or they have been untreated for so long time. Whatever the reason behind those huge, nasty cracks, first it is essential to know some different types of foundation cracks so that they can be treated individually for a better and prolonged repair. These different cracks can mostly be seen on foundation walls, ceilings, and roofs. Such cracks can probably result in moisture, malfunction of drainage systems, or poor plumbing.

Many experts say that recognizing different cracks is helpful to treat them more effectively and also it will help you to know to what extent a crack can affect your home as well as your health. Different types of cracks can be occurred due to soil variation. Initial sturdy construction can prevent cracks and hardly needs foundation repair in future:

Honeycomb cracks

Honeycomb cracks are the cracks on the basement; they are rough, pitted and are the result of incomplete or improper filling of concrete. Honeycomb cracks can also appear due to less or no vibrating after the concrete has been poured. So, if your home basement cracks consist of such features, they can possibly be honeycomb cracks.

Shrinkage cracks

These types of cracks often can be seen right after poured foundation. The crack can occur during shrinking or curing of the concrete. These shrinkage cracks do not spread rapidly but can be the cause of water seepage into the basement. These cracks are small in size and can easily be recognized. These cracks can only be found on the wall of the foundation.

Horizontal cracks

You will see cracks are running horizontally on the walls of the foundation. These type of cracks can cause serious issues, hence requires immediate repair. Here, you will need to appoint a comprehensive and reputed foundation repair company. These horizontal cracks can mostly found in poured concrete foundation, concrete foundation, and brick foundation.

Vertical cracks

The straight cracks running up or down, are called vertical cracks. These cracks are common almost every foundation type. Generally, vertical cracks start occurring after the one year of foundation establishment. These cracks barely harm the environment or spread but can be visibly disturbing. These vertical cracks are easy to fix and also less expensive.

Stair Step cracks

The uneven settlement of foundation material can form cracks that are called stair step cracks. These crack can be seen forming and spreading in the corners or edges of the walls and running upwards in a shape of staircase. These type of cracks can be problematic as they can be the reason of replacement of the bricks inside a wall, hence need professional adherence.

Summing Up

These were some of the common types of foundation cracks that are often seen on foundation walls, and if not treated on time, can spread into the entire house. So, appoint a trustworthy foundation repair company consisting of a team of qualified experts who can study the crack and provide effective solutions.

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