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The silicate mineral known as asbestos was once widely used in numerous industries around the world. Various papers and cloths made from asbestos were popular flame retardants, while construction materials like pipes, bricks, insulation, and even roofing were made from asbestos. For a long time it was considered a miracle material, with unmatched durability and insulation properties. Even today, houses stand that were made with asbestos material, and abandoned asbestos mines remain, with the naturally occurring deposits of asbestos waiting for an unsuspecting explorer to stumble across them.

Asbestos, Industry and Health

Although the ancient Greeks were aware that asbestos mining was correlated with poor respiratory health, the ill effects of asbestos, discovered by modern medicine in the twentieth century, wrought havoc on asbestos mining communities and the industries that used the material. Even one asbestos fibre entering the lung can cause critical, life-threatening illnesses, including pulmonary fibrosis, asbestosis and mesothelioma, a deadly form of lung cancer. If you’re looking to make a long-term, measurable difference to people’s lives, without the significant risk to your own health incurred by asbestos exposure, a career as an asbestos consultant, analyst, or surveyor can be the fulfilling, rewarding job you need.


If you want to make a difference to the asbestos-induced disease epidemic, but don’t know where to start, you might want to consider going through a recruitment agency that specialises in dealing with asbestos and other environmental hygiene hazards. Consider that most job vacancies, even those that require no qualifications or experience, are not advertised, with companies instead opting to find their potential staff internally, through recommendations, or by employing recruitment agencies. Not only do recruitment agencies find jobs for their applicants, but they deliver the best of their applicants to the employers looking for them.

Asbestos consultant jobs might seem thin on the ground, but a good recruitment agency will not only be able to help you find work in your preferred sector, but provide business advice regarding the latest trends and conditions in the market. Asbestos consultants are often employed by construction and demolition companies to assess the viability of a particular demolition method, or by environmental agencies who want to examine the potential impact of renovations in at-risk areas.

You want to work with a recruitment agency that specialises in industries that need asbestos and water treatment consultation to maximise your chances of employment within the sector you want. Even if you don’t want to work with your boots on the ground, and would prefer a managerial, sales, or director role within the asbestos and water treatment industries, the best recruitment agencies will be able to examine your skill set and qualifications in order to set you up with the job best suited to you. Recruitment agencies will work with potential employers to provide you with gainful, fulfilling employment as rapidly as they can. Look for those recruitment businesses with applicant testimonials stressing the speed and diligence of their employment consultant so you can be sure that your career is in the safest of hands.

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