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Ways In Which Garage Can Add Significant Value To Your Home

Ways In Which Garage Can Add Significant Value To Your Home

Garages are becoming important due to the increase in the demand for the properties that provide additional amenities and space. The initial entry level homes do not have a garage included but most of the buyers nowadays consider it a crucial feature. Below are the key ways in which it can add value to your home:

Protects Your Car from Adverse Weather Conditions

A garage protects your car from harsh climatic conditions. Besides, it prolongs the car’s life. This is because. during the hot season, it will protect the dashboard and other exposed parts from the heat and sunlight. In most cases, the homes in cold or hot places with a garage will attract more buyers because of the benefits associated with garage.

A Garage Increases the Price of a Home

Generally, the presence of garage increases the value of a property. When a house is located in the vicinity of an expensive home, the absence of a garage will lower the total cost of the home. This is mainly because those people who will be willing to buy have two or more vehicles. In case a home has a garage that can accommodate at least two cars, it will attract more interest.

It Is a Good Investment to Build a Modern Two-Car Garage

Due to increase in the number of homes being listed for sale, it is a good investment to build a garage in your home. In fact, some of the investors buy a home without a garage, or a home with a car port which is not completely closed. When they buy such homes, they equip it with a modern double garage that can accommodate more than one car, and the total value of the property will rise. A garage which is designed for more than one car can raise the value of a property by about 20% and give a return of 200% on the investment made for the construction.

Garages Serve Several Purposes

Besides being used to park cars, most of the home owners use them for some other things such as to provide extra storage rooms. That is the reasons as to why you will find most garages that are neat and spacious attracts the attention of most home buyers. In order to attract more buyers at a good price, include some other features such as polished floors, electric circuits, plumbing and shelves. The doors of the garage should be electrically controlled and located at the side of the house. The design should match with the roofline of the home and should permit the addition of air ducts needed for cooling and heating.

Those are some of the main ways in which a garage increases the value of your home. In case you want to sell a property, you should include a modern garage so as to increase the total value of the property and attract more able buyers.

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