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Five Ways to Organise Your Office

Spring is the perfect time to get organised and transform your office working space into a productive, creative and clutter-free environment! Here are our top five ways to organise your office space.

  1. Tidy

Bite the bullet and do this first! Get rid of old and unnecessary papers, using a shredder for confidential waste if necessary. Be honest with yourself – if an item isn’t useful, necessary, or inspiring – get rid of it, or recycle it. Ask yourself what you really need and use in your office and what is just taking up space. Use your filing cupboards and storage areas and again, purge any piles of old catalogues, brochures, print outs and leaflets that you don’t need and won’t use again. These can generally all go into paper recycling.


  1. Labels

Labelling ensures that your files and folders are identifiable and don’t require you to spend ages opening up materials to establish what is stored within them! Use printed digital labels for speed and tidiness and label up everything which isn’t obvious – folders, box files, plastic folders, in-tray shelves and any boxes and tins storing stationery, desk items and more. It will create an attractive, finished effect, particularly if you use attractive printed labels with a neat design.

  1. Organise

Think about your desk space and ask what you regularly use. Organise that space so that the things you need are close to hand and easy to access. Many office workers spend up to an hour a day trying to find hidden or ‘lost’ items which are simply mislaid under junk items. Be ruthless about organising and adopt a working ‘triangle’ which is similar to the kitchen triangle approach, with necessary items as close to your seating arrangement as possible. Also invest in ergonomic keyboards and seats if necessary to help you move freely and to make your office look as attractive and professional as possible.

good office storage

  1. Invest in good storage

If you have pens falling all over the place, piles of rubber bands and paper clips, scattered papers and other such items, invest in good office storage to keep these under control. Integrated storage is ideal for hiding away unsightly items and for creating a clean and neat space, which will inspire creativity and productivity.

  1. Create a new organised working philosophy

There is no point in de-cluttering as an annual activity and working in chaos for the rest of the time! Adopt an organised ethos for your future work. When items come in, file them or recycle them. Do a daily clear and organise at the end of each working day. Start to use a notes or ‘to do’ pad rather than relying on scraps of paper – or go digital and move towards a true paperless office!

You will really notice the effect that these improvements have on your working day – in terms of productivity, motivation and general optimism. There is no greater feeling than working in a beautiful and well-organised office!

Jane Dokes is a regular interiors and design writer. She has been writing for a range of print publications and websites for a number of years. Jane is a big fan of digital media, making use of printed digital labels and online archiving to keep her workspace organised.

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