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Every Directory Needs Specific Place For Storing The Information

Every Directory Needs Specific Place For Storing The Information

Normally, the word directory denotes a place where all the information is kept in chronological order. This definition is quite right in the context of normal books and guides available but as far as the computer is concerned location directory is quite different. Though, it works in the same manner but the system is quite different.  In computers, a directory denotes a location or a path on which the information slips.

This directory may be inside the computer or outside.  Present era is the era of internet.  It is not possible to store all the information in the hard disks of the computers.  Some large servers are used for this purpose and detailed information is gathers there.  These servers called location directory.  To adjust the path in the system, a specific series of symbols is needed.  The purpose of the location director is to specify the exact place from where the information can be fetched.  But the question is that how one can get the information stored outside of his/her computer.  Suppose a user needs the information on railway time table for a specific date.

Every Directory Needs Specific Place For Storing The Information

The information is kept with the railway department. How he/she will be able to get the same.  To find out the same, user needs a specially designed URL of concerned department.  Once the URL of concerned department entered in the search box of the browser, the associated backslashes catch the information stored in concerned server and divert it to the IP address from where the same has been ordered.  This is the directory.  Now it is clear that the location directory inside the system is the HDD and outside the system is server. Both the directories have same nature to store the information but internal directories need not any backslash to fetch the data.  Simple accessing is sufficient.

But the data stored remotely can only be possible through the connected URLs or key words through search engines.  The URLs have been designed as per the name of organization or company.  Generally the name of the URL denotes the nature of working of the concerned organization.  The extension may be .com, .net, .in, .org and so on according to the country codes applicable.  But all the URLs must have the backslashes as connector to the server.  In different operating systems, various delimiters may be used but the purpose of all such delimiters is the same.  The location directory is also known as root directory because of the nature of work.

Though, some of the companies are in market which provides services of locating the guide. In this busy schedule, a person doesn’t have the time to search over the net.  To avoid this, he/she orders a company to search various URLs connected with this subject and send the links on the email of user.  Companies do the job and send the information on the mail of user.  In turn asks a little service changes. The management of these companies works on various directories to search a lot and collect desired information.  These companies also provide the related searches along with the desired one so that the use may get the satisfactory result.  It is obvious that the results provided by the companies may not be fruitful for the users. The function of the global guide is to provide nearest useful data to the users.  In various companies, the user will find FFL also which provide the locations only.  These locations are quite useful for the net users.  These companies also have search engines and user can use the same too if not satisfied with the results supplied.

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