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Does Your Small Business Need Dedicated Ethernet?

The Internet is a vital part of many people’s lives today. In fact, people rely on the Internet to browse, shop and so much more. In the world of small business, people use the Internet to communicate with customers, create invoices, research and etc. However, without a reliable connection, running your business can be quite difficult. If you don’t choose one of the dedicated Ethernet services, you can slow your business down and maybe even compromise your clients’ security. Here are some ways to tell if you should look into the dedicated Ethernet services available.
Number of Employees
Firstly, an Ethernet service is a local area network (LAN). When the Ethernet is used in a business setting, it allows multiple computers to run off the same service and quickly. Your business may benefit from this technology if you have more than five employees. When you have less than five employees, you may not notice slow speeds from relying on peer-to-peer networks, but any more than that, you’re doing yourself and your business a huge disservice.
Slow Speed
Have you noticed slow Internet speeds when trying to upload a webpage? Or have you had to transfer files and other data in small portions rather than all at once? You might also notice your emails taking awhile to send and receive. In fact, you could possibly be limited on the number and/or size of the files that you’re able to work with at one time.
Issues with Your Phone System
If you use VOIP for your phone connections, well, you’ll need a robust connection. Problems with your phone being noisy or having dropped calls or just an unreliable phone service in general are unacceptable for a business that values its customers.
Problems with a Shared Server
If you currently use a shared server, you probably have already experienced problems when one person on the server does something to harm the connection. One mistake can lead to you not having Internet or phone for your business. This downtime can result in lost wages, lost clients and not being able to stay on schedule.
Hackers and other individuals who create programs to harm you computer or server are out there. On peer-to-peer networks and shared servers, your data may be at risk of being stolen or damaged by spyware and other malicious programs that can easily compromise your business’ and clients’ security and privacy. If you don’t have a secure connection, you probably don’t want to risk receiving payments or handling your business’ finances online.
Because of security, problems with shared servers, issues with your phone service, slow speeds and the number of employees that you have, you may want to select from one of the dedicated Ethernet services on the market today.

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