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Do you have a blog? Want it to reach millions of readers? Get it translated.

Translate Your Blog and Reach a New World


We know that your blog is more than your personal diary. It is your way of communicating with the world and sharing your unique perspective on what you are passionate about. More than this, however, the blog is also a way for you to reach millions (or billions) of readers across the world and connect to them about topics that of their interest.

This is great. However, you are potentially missing out on a huge pool of prospective readers (or customers) by having your blog written in only one language. Sure, English is the most common language across the Internet. It is not the most spoken language in the world, though. Web content is facing a serious drive towards localization into a spectrum of languages, with Spanish sites and posts growing in importance every day across the world.

What is your solution, then, if you only know English? It’s simple, you can go to and hire a team specializing in professional translation services like legal document translation and more to help your blog or website grow into an untapped marketplace of non-English speaking readers.

Our Translators Work Harder than The Apps!

You might be thinking that you can easily read through your content into a translation program, like Google Translate or Babel Fish, and convert your content into another language easily. Sadly, this is not the case. Translation is fine, of course. But even if these platforms were perfect, which they aren’t as there are often glaring grammatical mistakes or word placement errors when using them, they are no match for a qualified translator.

Translation is more than just adapting words from one language to another. It involves a localization process that only professional translation services can provide. Many words and ideas can be lost upon certain demographics because of cultural differences and unique vernacular choices. So, you may be thinking that translating yourself is doing your readership justice when in fact, you could actually be offending, confusing, or misleading them completely. The Spanish Group has expert teams who have been helping businesses with legal document translation and offer them complete assistance when it comes to getting the work done right.

Translation is Crucial To Global Outreach

The world is much bigger than your community, your city, or your country. Of course, you know that in theory, but have you considered the notion in practice? As stated above, your blog is an extremely important piece of your personality that you’ve chosen to open to the world at large. Then, don’t limit your appeal by targeting only the familiar horizons outside of your door. Aim much larger and find the global appeal you were seeking when you first purchased your domain and uploaded your first content.

Translation allows you to reach this newfound world outside by connecting you to people in other areas who may share your vision, concept, or hobbies. You may have your biggest potential fan sitting somewhere you never have imagined, looking for sites with content similar to yours. Don’t leave this person in the cold. Invite them in and let them bask in the glory of your vision.


Only the Experts Can Be Trusted


Translators are skilled individuals. Much like any other field, you want to have the best possible individual carrying out the heavy lifting. You wouldn’t go to a doctor that had only read a few medical texts or a lawyer who has no qualifications other than watching legal dramas. With a professional translator, you get somebody who understands the nuance of language and can make your content shine whilst converting it to a new demographic.

If you have been looking for a translation solution that offers translations in more than 90+ languages, then certainly visit The Spanish Group. They are backed by a team of certified professionals who have delivered exceptional results so far!

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