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Difference Between Exhibit and A Trade Fair

The words ‘exhibit’ and ‘trade fair’ are both terms used to describe the holding of a temporary event in a public space or arena. Oftentimes, people use them interchangeably due to their very general definitions. However, not a lot of people know that while they generally mean the same thing, they are not synonymous with each other. It is important to note that exhibits and trade fairs have very distinct purposes.

Difference Between Exhibit and A Trade Fair

Exhibitions or Exhibits

The term exhibition or exhibit simply means any event where things are put up for display in a public space. This type of event is meant to showcase objects for people to see.

Exhibits or Exhibitions are not limited to things. It could also mean an event where persons demonstrate specific talents or skills in view of the public eye. In exhibitions, the intention is not to present a product or brand to any consumer. Exhibits are, in its most obvious sense, just a way of exhibiting things or acts. A very common example of an exhibit is a museum. There is no intention to sell the art pieces. It is merely a means of showcasing or interacting with the art.

Trade Fairs

Unlike exhibits or exhibitions, trade fairs have more of a commercial aspect to it. The intention in trade fairs is not merely to show, but to ignite a business transaction or exchange. It could also merely intend to advertise or make known a certain brand or company.

Typically, trade fairs are done for the purpose of communicating with consumers or prospective consumers. There would be several companies together in one space or area. Often, these companies do not all necessarily belong to the same industry. Each company is given an equal opportunity to promote their brand, products, or services to the public. These could involve promoting, buying, selling, or trading items.

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