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Building Team Unity: 5 Activities Business Owners Should Really Try

Building Team Unity: 5 Activities Business Owners Should Really Try

Cohesion and unity are among the strongest factors that can lead to corporate success in the 21st century. In the workplace, cohesion can be defined as the sum of positive forces that members in a group can latch onto for the purpose of staying together. The positive forces are ideas that can be channeled towards achieving common goals; when corporate teams get to exercise ideas in an entertaining or charitable setting, the resulting team unity tends to produce excellent business results.

With the above in mind, if you are a business owner interested in increasing cohesion among your staff members, here are some team building activities for you to consider:

Coding Challenge

Even if your staff members are familiar with IT tasks and programming, a coding challenge managed by the right corporate team building provider can turn into a lot of fun; besides, the end product can actually be incorporated as a new business project to increase productivity.

Habitat for Humanity Projects

This charity works towards providing dignified housing for families who really need it. Most projects involve actually building homes from the ground up. Don’t worry if your staff members are not handy with tools; project leaders are experts at training newcomers and assigning tasks. What makes these projects better is that the beneficiaries are there on the ground actively building homes and interacting with volunteers.

Escape Rooms

This adventurous activities are real-life versions of the point-and-click video games that involve solving puzzles for the purpose of escaping virtual spaces. When your team gets locked inside Houdini’s Room Escape or a similar escape room, members must use their intellectual skills and work together to beat the clock and leave the confines of the escape room. A single room can have more than a dozen challenges to solve.

Ropes Course

This is a classic corporate building exercise that involves enjoying the outdoors and overcoming adventurous challenges that seem impossible until staff members start working together. Depending on where your company is located, this activity may require traveling long distances.

Cooking Classes

In the late 20th century, major tech companies in Silicon Valley developed a competitive activity that involved a potluck dinner where the dishes were sampled by a local chef. Eventually, this competition evolved into a two-day cooking class that includes a graduation task of preparing a feast for the entire company.

In the end, building team unity in your company can be the one of the best business decision you can make to advance your enterprise.

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