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BlueCava Launches Cookies Free Device Identification Technology Targeted to The Online Advertisers

The BlueCava is a renowned company in provision of device identification technology that assists businesses in improving internet advertising efficiency as well as lowering fraud risk. Just the other day it announced release of a newer edition of device identification platform. This new solution delivers an immediate answer for entrepreneurs enterprising in European Union that has been greatly affected by the newly introduced EU’s ePrivacy Directive.
In this latest version of technology, BlueCava has come up with ground breaking device identification technology that makes it possible for businesses to establish and target web users without using cookies. This new Device Identification solution from BlueCava entirely supports both opt-in and opts-out privacy models that empower EU businesses with even options that can be used for with ePrivacy Directive. Just like is the case with other BlueCava’s technology, this new edition of technology does function effectively with the rest computing gadgets such as smart phones, PCs, set-top boxes, laptops and game consoles.
David Norris, the CEO of BlueCava claims that the innovation of this new technology was discovered after they worked with leading publishers and big businesses located in the EU> They soon discovered that ePrivacy directive was extremely hindering faster development of businesses that depend on cookies to operate. The introduction of this new technology is serving as the main platform that clients are using to continue identifying prospective clients effectively regardless of the devices that they are using.
The BlueCava business offers innovative technology that assists businesses to establish and profile devices that are used by customers to enhance online advertising efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and also lower fraud risk. With the help of this BlueCava’s patented technology, businesses can distinctly identify devices connected to the internet including mobile phones, desktop computers and set top boxes. It is designed with the sole purpose of making it simpler o adapt ad respond to clients’ needs hassle free.
Everyone understands the importance of having ability to identify the people searching your site, seeing your ads, utilizing your applications or even the people who are trying to steal from you. Probably, you also want to identify them too. Blue Carva provides effective and persistent method that you can use to identify your clients regularly. The technology allows you to validate behavior as well as involve several gadgets with their particular users.
The fact that clients are distinct in different niches such as retail, travel, utility businesses, etc knowing the specific status of these clients plays an essential role in determining the advertising plan to be adapted. The technology helps you to identify whether the visitor is a loyal points for the last 10 years or is a new potential client. You can easily determine the personalized content that you are intending to offer for you to be able to give maximum user experience. Besides, BlueCava technology enhances customer interaction and brand loyalty.
In 2011, online business retailers in North America lost more than $2.7 billion as a result of internet fraud. BlueCava cookies free technology can help in identifying businesses that are behaving inappropriately or associated with fraudulent transactions and blocking them. Equally, the account take over is a great concern for several online properties like social networking properties. The device ID makes it possible to identify abnormalities in device application as well as account behavior without creating inconveniences to the user.
Average internet consumers in the US mainly browse online businesses using their smart phones or desktops. To a little extent, devices are often connected to the activities that are accomplished using it. The BlueCava cookies free technology can deliver to the audience measurement as well as targeted information that passes across the devices and their users.
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