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Beyond Broadcasting: Starting Conversations With Social Media

There is more to social media marketing than broadcasting your online presence to followers. You have to get out there virtually and interact with your fans, followers and customers. You can post all of the helpful tips, links and articles until you are blue in the face. However, that means nothing unless yoru followers are actually clicking on links and viewing your content.
The best way to increase the number of people who actually see your social media posts is to be active. The more active you are the more visible your postings. Here as some basic tips to help improve your social media marketing success and in turn, increase your online presence.

Social Media Outlets

There are multiple social media sites available to use for your business marketing needs. These sites include Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Each one will help promote your business and keep you in constant contact with your customer base. However, you must gear your postings and interactions toward the various sites. For example, Twitter only allows short 140 character posts or pictures to get your point across while Facebook offers more versatility in posting options. LinkedIn is geared toward a more professional group of customers and your postings should be written accordingly. Find the social media site that works best for you and your business’ intentions before getting started.


Give your current customers and potential customers a reason to follow and like your postings. There is more to it than asking them to like and follow your online profile(s). Avoid comments such as “Like my Facebook page.” Try to use more direct phrases like “Get the answers to your home repair needs at” This will grab your customer’s attention and give them a reason to like your page.

Do not Brag

Avoid using social media to brag about you and your business. Sure you want to give praise when it is due but running a successful social media campaign involves more than that. Engage your followers. Ask your followers questions. Find out what they like and what they want to see in the future. Skip posting new products and prices. Learn what your customers want and then post details about new products. Get your followers talking about the helpful tips you gave them. Inspiring followers to share your posts could possibly drum up even more followers.

Visually Appealing

Regularly post photos and graphics. Photos tell stories about your company. Take photos of satisfied customers, completed projects, products, staff and other items related to your company. Post all of these on your social media account to grab the attention of fans and followers. Photos also help your customers put a face behind the company name.


Answer common questions through blog posts and share your answers through the different social media outlets. In addition, answer all of the questions posted on your site. If one customer has a question about your product and services, chances are many others do too. Consumers expect to have their questions answered in a timely and efficient manner. So do not avoid responding to any comments or questions posted on your social media profile.

Take the Time

Spend at least thirty minutes a day utilizing social media sites. Browse through your pages for comments and postings, try to gain the attention of new followers and fans, and develop a connection with your current customers.
If social media networking scares you a bit, take things slow. Start with Facebook and Twitter but do not stop there. Venture beyond these sites to increase your social media presence, thus boosting your online marketing success.

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