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Best home tips and tricks for cleaning your rugs & upholstery

Rugs & upholstery cleaning are one of the few tasks that may sound easy but are extremely difficult to pull off for real. This may be the reason why you may have ignored that stench coming from your sofa. But ignoring the situation will not make it better. In fact, it will get worse further.

So why not take help from the professionals to give you fresh and new looking rugs again. Yes! You heard that right there are plenty of carpet cleaning services present in Canada that can make your dirty rugs and upholstery items clean efficiently. You can book your service of Rug Cleaning White Rock, Upholstery Cleaning White Rock and in several other areas.

These expert service providers use quality equipment and expert tactics for giving you satisfaction. However, if you are looking for some home tips to revive your unclean upholstery items and rugs then you are in the right place.

Let’s start with the home hacks now.

Clean the spills immediately

Well, one of the main causes of stubborn stains is that we take too much time to clean them. It is recommended to clean liquid spills instantly. Cleaning them at fresh will ensure that they don’t get penetrated in the yarns of your rug.

The best way to clean such spillage is by dampening a white cloth of cotton and blot the spillage area. It is instructed not to rub on that area as rubbing the area may further spread the stain and also damage the rug.

We suggest you to keep on repeating this process until you are sure that the cotton cloth has absorbed all the liquid. Once you are done doing this, leave your rug to completely dry.

Use tape for removing pet hair

One of the most annoying tasks is to get rid of pet hair from your upholstery item. Well, you cannot prevent your dog to sit on your sofa for this. But you surely can use a tape to remove your pet’s hair. Yes! You heard that right.

An item as simple as tape can do wonders for removing pet hair from your upholstery. Make sure to use paper tape. To proceed with this task you need to wrap the paper tape around your hand. Make sure you keep the adhesive side of the tape out.

Now just tap on your upholstery item gently and that’s it. This simple procedure does its magic and your item will soon be free of pet hair. You can also apply this trick for removing food crumbles.

Vacuum your rugs often

Have you ever wondered what caused your rugs to get super dirty? Well, of course, it is because of postponing your weekly chore of cleaning rugs. Cleaning your rugs weekly could prevent the dirt from being accumulated deep inside the fabric.

However, before vacuuming your rug, give them a good shake for dislodging the loose dirt and grit trapped in the rug’s fiber. We recommend you to select suction-only function so that you don’t damage your rug. Make sure to vacuum the underside of your rug once in a month.

Salt the Grease stains

Grease stains can give you a headache if you let them sit on your upholstery for too long. As it is they are hard to be removed and if you don’t remove them immediately then it can take you forever.

However, we have something in our daily household that could do wonders for lifting grease stains from the upholstery items. To start with, cover the stain with a paper towel for extracting excess oil. Followed by put salt generously over that area. Keep it for at least half an hour and then vacuum.

Salt will remove most of the grease stain. However, for the remaining stain to be removed use stain removal products.

Remove rug stains with the mixture

When it comes to removing persistent rug stains, it seems like cracking a walnut with your teeth. But we bring you a simple home trick that can be utilized for removing stubborn rug stains.

You just need a three-ingredient mixture for getting rid of rug stains. Mix equal parts of vinegar, warm water and washing liquid and apply them directly over the stain. Let it sit for at least twenty minutes and then blot it with a paper towel.

You will be amazed how this simple mixture can do wonders in removing tough rug stains.

These tips will definitely become an instant hit in keeping your rugs and upholstery clean and stain free.

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