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As much as everyone loves exploring new places, moving from one city to another is an affliction no one wishes to go through. The primary reason behind the cry of agony is apartment hunting. The mere mention of this word sends the brain into overdrive with the overwhelming thoughts. The hassle that comes along with looking for an apartment is a motivation in itself to not move to another city, but what if you have no other option.

Let this list guide you through apartment hunting and save your time which you could otherwise spend city-hopping:


What if your current lease end in 3 weeks and upon moving to the new city, you have to join office, the very next day? Allocate sufficient time in your ongoing routine to look for an apartment online. Preparation beforehand will give you numerous options, on the comparison of whom you can find the suitable property, especially in the areas with booming real estate market.


Starting early will help with looking at some  Rental Apartments Pryor sites which will further filter out the things you don’t need in your apartment. Upon online hunting for apartments, make sure the website you are looking through is legitimate with good reviews on multiple platforms. Use sites that have filters per your needs like price range, distance from a specified area, etc. Several scam websites can dupe you under the pretext of renting properties way below the market price.


You must have a clear idea of the kind of apartment you are looking for and what is your budget. Do you want an apartment with a pool or something more like a loft?

Now that you know what you want and also have several options to consider, let dive into the factors you must check while apartment hunting.


  • Check if the condo has all the necessary amenities.
  • Check the water and electricity supply unit and ask them about the frequency of water and power cuts, if any.
  • Check the door knobs, lavatory, under the sink area and cabinet space.
  • Keep an eye open for pest problems and if noticed, ask the landlord to take care of it before you transport your belongings.
  • Ask about the rules regarding maintenance and repairing of fixtures.


  • The renting agreement must be well documented with transparency regarding price and what all it covers.
  • Ask about the rules and regulation along with the flexibility in time-period allocation if the agreement is broken.


  • One must take into account the safety ensured in the locality and the neighboring area. Take two tours tour during off-hours to check for any burglars or robbing problems and one during work-hours to check or traffic.
  • Do a background check on the landlord.
  • Check whether or not would it be convenient to travel back and forth from work.

Haste makes waste. Apartment hunting is stressful, but one shouldn’t give into pressure and settle with the very first apartment in urgency to get rid of all the tension. Visit the site of all the potential apartments and then select the right one. A quick decision will make you repent when you aren’t able to live the second month in an apartment with the signed lease of 12 months.

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