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Beauty sleep: the Italian way

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Choosing the right kind of furniture for our home can be a complex task. It should appeal us through aesthetics or design, quality, functionality, cost and optimization of space. At the same time we wish that it should be unique and for that we explore designs from not only our local designers, but also from some of the global designers as well.

Decorating our bedroom is all the more difficult, as this is the space where we spend most of our time relaxing, reading or copying up. The bedroom furniture should be comfortable as well as beautiful. It should add a touch of romance and transform it from mere four walls to a romantic gateway.  For all the design hunters who are ready to try something new for their bedrooms, modern furniture with an Italian touch is a great option.  There are a lot of design options in Italian furniture, ranging from regal looking antique pieces to ultra modern chic designs.

There are three important aspects to bedroom décor and picking furniture of Italian style scores well in all three of them:


Italian beds come in a range of designs to choose from. If you have high ceiling you can opt for canopy beds to fill the space in interesting ways. Canopy beds look regal and add a touch of old world charm to your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom you can go for storage beds with platforms. While the under bed storage will serve as an extra space to dump things which we don’t need daily, the platform will serve as a recliner when you want to read or work on your laptop as a back support. These beds come with leather cushioning for platforms for extra comfort.  There are unique design options like artificial crocodile skin, which look great against plain wall spaces. There are very interesting color combinations available, right from black and gold for that very European look or pure white with walnut brown for the modern urban look.  You can also choose a plain shade of ivory color. It looks serene and is a favorite amongst Italian folk themselves.


Storage plays a critical role in bedroom décor. A bad storage can make your bedroom look like a locker room. There are some beautiful storage pieces offered in Italian furniture range, as closets, chest of drawers, dressers and side cabinets. The dresser with horizontal large mirror and the chest of drawers underneath goes well with canopy beds as it adds to the antique touch, whereas a pushed to wall chest of drawer will add glamour while optimizing the space in a smaller bedroom. Though there are a number of designs available, choose the one which will help you manage the space better to make your bedroom clutter free. These storage pieces come in co-ordinate color themes to maintain uniformity in the décor.


When you are designing your bedroom Italian way, a must to add accessory is chandeliers. In fact the Italian bedroom is incomplete without chandeliers. Chandeliers have come a long way from decorating and lighting, large size living rooms and banquet halls to decorating the bedrooms. Bedroom Chandeliers need to be gentle in their design. Again, you can choose from antique floral embellished, intricate gold or silver chandeliers or geometrical chandeliers in steel with a minimalistic approach to design.  Match your chandelier with other bedroom accessories to blend it well in the décor.

Italian furniture emphasizes on style and comforts both.  It immediately adds dash of Italian beauty to our bedroom space. Though it is slightly heavy on pocket, it is superior in quality and make. It is highly durable. More importantly, it will make us love and sleep la Italian way.

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