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Android Vs iOS Development and Usage

Android Vs iOS Development and Usage

Android Vs iOS war is one of the much steaming and scandalizing war. This is in fact as huge as World War III sans bloodshed. Android or iOS is the first question that is asked everywhere. Be it to a school student or to a developer, to an entrepreneur or a common man; this is the question people first ask about the smartphones. At times it makes us feel that only these two are the mobile phone OS available at all. I have personally loved both the operating systems. That’s why I had been keen enough to jot down the positives of both the devices unbiased from both developers as well as users’ perspective. To make the positives of both clear I had jotted it down as 5 points each in favor of one OS.

The Perks of iOS Development and Use:

  • The iOS is a developer’s dream. Any developer may feel blessed to work with iOS due to its smart and updated API.
  • Fragmentation in iOS is highly excellent and splendidly beneficial. As a developer I have admired the fragmentation concept a lot in iOS.
  • iOS apps are written in objective C. Thus they are easy and highly comfortable to code. As a developer iOS gives you ample freedom.
  • Security wise iOS gets a clean 10 on 10. They are mostly bug free and are highly secured both for development and usage.
  • Luxury is another major advantage with iOS.
  • iOS users feel luxurious and have a very high user experience in comparison to other operating systems.

While these are the top five advantages of iOS that is best in it and no other operating system could beat, even Android has its own set of advantages.

  • Freedom – The one word says it all. Not many paid apps, lots of options, plenty of apps. Users feel the freedom with Android that developers feel with iOS.
  • The configuration in Android is simple and elegant that makes developers feel comfy working with it. As far as mobile OS is considered Android has the best configuration.
  • Publishing the apps in android is easier and convenient than that of being done in iOS. Getting apps listed in Play Store is simpler and straightforward process on the other hand listing it in iTunes is time consuming and tedious.
  • Android has varied screen sized phones for satisfying diverse user needs. The users feel more convenient and unique with varied screens while iOS users get confined to single sized screens.
  • With Professional Android Application Development system , widgets in Android devices are more sophisticated and highly brilliant. They save you the time, space, battery life and cost.

These are the comparison of the various advantages of both the leading smartphones. While one which is disadvantageous in iOS seems advantageous in Android and vice-versa. This is the reason why the respective corporation goes on increasing the features in the recent updates. Android has improved fragmentation and security in the recent Android 4.4 on the other hand iOS has improved configuration further and is trying different screen sizes.

One can’t simply choose the best among these two legendary operating systems. Users and developers may either have mixed feelings or may blindly support one of these. However, I as a neutral blogger who has used both iOS and Android should be more prudent. Although I prefer iOS over Android for development related purposes I always feel Android is more useful as user. I own both Android and iOS and personally love both of them. And as of the answer to this huge turf, I leave it in open for you audience to let me know about your views on which is the best.

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