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Android is the Choice of Phone in All Segments for All People

In the war between the two major brands that dominate the world market in phones, Android edges out everything else with a 52.2% market share. The other players only for only 5.8% of the market. Android allows a huge variety of manufacturers to make Android phones as they wish. This results in models that vary a lot from each other.

Pick your phone from many models

The best thing about the Android phone is that there is an ocean of choices. Features that are there in one brand or model is not there in another. You can pick phones with a magnificent battery capacity or choose one with a great camera. Do you want one with a bigger form factor or do you want one that has a 4k screen resolution? Android has it all, the wide range of choices is one of the best attractions of the Android phone.

Do your customization

When you buy android phone, it comes with easy customization options. Do you want to replace your launcher? Do so by downloading a third-party launcher. Or, perhaps you want to change your stock keyboard with another one. It is even possible to change the layout on your phone to one that resembles the Windows phone.

Android phones have all the latest features like third-party keyboards, health app, predictive texts on your messages, and widgets much before other brands had it. Some of the best features are only found on Android phones. It is no wonder that they dominate the market. It is also a fact that Android phones have better hardware when compared to similar phones from other brands.

Easy range of prices to choose from

That said, let us look at some other plus points. The Android phones are available over a wider price range than its competitors. So, users can pick a budget phone just as easily as a high-end phone. Many countries have weak economies and so not many people are able to afford costly phones. Android gives phones with smartphone capabilities like a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition at an affordable price.

Use the Play Store

All Android phones have access to the Google Play Store. This is a one-stop-shop for all things Android. The interface is fantastic and the navigation is simple. There are no complicated give and takes, only a simple click-on-what-you-need. And, you can submit an app to the Google Play Store without much ado. There is not much checking or waiting period and this could mean that you download malware through the app from the Play Store. This is not likely to happen and the trouble one must go through to check each app is definitely not worth it.

If you buy an android phone online, you are sure to come across lots of choices. For those who plan to buy one, be sure to check the Mara Phone launched in Africa. It is an Android One phone meaning it has the double advantage of being an Android phone and being an Android One. Android phones get periodic updates from Google and Android One phones have special apps like Google Go that help make your online experience better.

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