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Academic Papers: How To Differentiate

At school you have probably faced with various writing tasks, but the amount of these assignments will triple at college. In addition, their diversity might bewilder and frustrate you. You need to learn to differentiate the types of papers and know the main features of each.

  • Essay

    An essay is a widespread task throughout studying. This short story focuses on writer’s emotions and viewpoint. It can vary by length – from one page up to ten or even fifteen. Just like any other paper, it has an itro, the paragraphs of the main body and the conclusion that echoes the first passage. Essays differ according to their purpose. If you are to display your standpoint and prove it right, start penning an argumentative or a persuasive essay. The requirements towards these types as well as the ideas for probable topics can be found here: If you have to tell the story of your life or depict some other event without any personal opinion released, choose a narrative, a descriptive or an informational essay.

  • Journal

    Being the most easy to compose, a journal frustrates the majority of students because of its flexible form. There are no strict rules and specific turns of phrase regarding a journal. You are to display your idea in a quite messy and even unlogical manner. The aim of this paper is to show your insight of the issue and the ability to operate terms and vocabulary of this subject. Thus, this can be called the most informal and candid academic paper type.

  • Book Review

    This type of a written paper is the basic tool for the professor to understand whether the students have read the book or any other publication. It comprises three main parts:
    – The plot summary;
    – The disposition of the reader regarding the author’s suggestion;
    – The concluding argument of the reader in terms of the author’s standpoint and the whole idea in general.
    The final part summarizes both the book’s story-line and your critical perception of it.
    – Thesis and dissertation.

These two types are the longest – up to twenty thousand words each. They are completed througout years and are the basic summary of the whole studying process. Each implies a profound research in the realm really acute and interesting for the readers and the writer. This is the final demand towards graduating.
Any of the written academic papers might become a challenge for a student. To help them deal with these tasks there are specially created writing services like Privatewriting – There a team of professional editors and writers might give a hand in composing any paper type and eventually hand it in without much effort.

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