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Increasing number of parents have been opting to homeschool kids instead of sending them to regular public/private schools. According to National Home Education Research Institute (NHERS), by 2016 spring, about 1.69 million children of age 5 to 17 were being homeschooled. This number has only increased in later years. Better availability of good home school programs in the market have contributed to this growth.

While this upward graph does signify a rapidly growing interest in homeschooling, and to some extent, the success of the approach, we cannot forget that educating a kid outside an educating organisation can be a tough job.

We have come up with a foundational guide for you to help you understand what homeschooling really entails.

Focus On The Purpose

A thorough thought on the purpose of homeschooling your kid is more important that one might assume. The entire structure of the homeschooling process depends on why is being opted for in the first place. For example, some parents homeschool their kids to ensure a religious aspect in their education while some others wnat their kids to travel with them. While homeschooling is proving to be a succesful approach, it cannot yield desired outcomes unless the major purpose is clear to the parent.

The Right Home School Program

Once you know why you want to homeschool your kid, it becomes comparatively easier to choose the right homeschool program or homeschooling curriculum. However, it is important to keep in mind the government guidelines for homeschooling curriculum before choosing a program. You can find many resources online for custom homeschool curriculum as well. Take your time and go through each package available to find the one that fits your requirements’ criteria.

Disciplined Schedule

Homeschooling cannot be a success unless you keep the element of discipline in it. While there are parents who choose to homeschool so that their kids are not bound to a tedious schedule, a certain amount of consistency and regularity building discipline in the kids’ lives can have positive results. Thus try making a schedule that maintains an equilibrium between studies as well as the overall growth of the kids.

Covering All Subjects

A mistake a lot of homeschoolers make is that they end up focusing on a few subjects which can hurt the progress in other subjects and can have serious repercussions if you plan to send your kid to a regular school in junior high or high school grades. Thus make sure you cover all subjects equally. Moreover, it is also important to maintain a healthy rate of growth and inclusivity in the curriculum. What it means is that while it is important to let the kids take their time with learning, it is equally crucial to make progress by adding in the next topics at the right time in the curriculum.   


The growing number of homeschooled population in the US, no doubt, is proof of the homeschooling approach being a strong and functional approach. However, that in no way means it’s an easier path. While most top colleges and universities accept homeschooled students, it can be quite difficult to gain the same level of educational growth as a regular schooling system. However, there are all kinds of resources available online to help make it easier. Subscribing to one can help ensure better results from homeschooling and make the journey comparatively more convenient for you.

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