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8 Facts On Securing Your Kids’ Safety At Home

8 Facts On Securing Your Kids’ Safety At Home

As parents, our kids’ safety is top priority. It is simply non-negotiable. The advent of high-tech communications and social media, however, is making the task of ensuring our family’s safety a little more challenging. You may have heard of horror stories involving tech-savvy criminals who stalk children in social media, befriend them, and use them as bait in home burglaries. In worst cases, the young victims are abducted, raped or murdered.

In this age of sophisticated criminals, how do parents guarantee the safety of their children at home? Here are home security systems that can keep your children safe and no-nonsense tips on how to prevent home crimes.

The New Threats on Home Security

According to Pew Research Center, a third of parents have had concerns about their child’s technology use in the past 12 months. Their concern is primarily centered on the content posted by and about their children. Parents cannot be blamed, as criminals are capitalizing on online content freely accessible in social media. Today, people seem to be comfortable letting the world know about their daily activities and whereabouts. A burglar can simply monitor status updates to know which families will be out for the weekend. There’s also the growing case of child predators who lure their victims through messenger apps. Your home security system should not keep criminals away, it should also protect your family from themselves.

The Staple Home Security Tool: Alarm System

Every home should have at least an alarm system. You can try to post fake security signs and stickers, but a keen burglar can call your bluff pretty quickly. Also, you can’t rely on luck and a criminal’s gullibility. Remember that your home safety is at stake. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to home alarm systems, from simple DIY products to top-of-the-line gadgets. Install an alarm at every entryway in your house such as windows and doors. Don’t neglect your backdoors, entry to the attic, garage, and basement. Explore the benefits of using a Honeywell alarm system, which comes with the latest firmware versions.

Real-time Surveillance in your Home

8 Facts On Securing Your Kids’ Safety At Home

As much as you want to keep an eye on your children 24/7, you just can’t. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way to go about it. There are home alarm systems that come with surveillance cameras. You can also purchase an alarm and a camera separately and install them on your own. Today, security cameras not only store footage for investigation. Most are now developed to monitor real-time events. You can even check real-time footage of your home from your electronic gadgets. Honeywell Security system’s Total Connect Video cameras all require video subscriptions that can be used with a monitoring service.

Home Security at your Fingertips

Thanks to innovations on home security systems, kids’ safety can be ensured while parents are away. The latest line of alarms, cameras, and sensors include remote access features enabling users to monitor their homes via electronic gadgets. If you want to check whether your children are safe at home when they arrive from school, stream video surveillance in your smartphone. Do you need to adjust the settings of your flood detectors? You can do so with your tablet or laptop.

Prevent Natural Hazards and Burglaries with Sensors

Can we really blame mothers for being paranoid about their kids’ well-being? According to latest FBI data, nearly 1.5 million out of 8 million property crimes reported in 2015 were burglaries. The financial damage is estimated at $3.6 billion in property losses. The more devastating impact on victims, however, is unquantifiable: physical and psychological trauma. If you’re paranoid about home security, you have a reason to be. Sensors monitor various occurrences from environmental hazards to forcible entry. Make sure you have detectors for carbon monoxide, smoke, and glass-breaking as well as door and window sensors, and motion sensors. Newer versions of motion sensors are equipped to avoid false activation.

Remote Locking for Entryways in your Home

Raising teenagers is a serious job. Adolescence is an erratic phase. If have teenage kids, you’re very much aware of sudden emotional outburst, rebellious behaviors, and rantings about freedom. Don’t worry. That phase passes. However, it doesn’t mean that parenting comes to a halt during this period. It is now more than ever that your guidance is needed. Keep your control in your home by installing home security systems that will protect your kids from criminals and themselves. A remote locking feature will make sure that your home is safe from scatterbrain teens who frequently forget to lock the doors on their way out. If your child has a history of leaving the house past curfew, this feature will force them indoors. Lock entryways in your house wherever you may be through remote locking.

Software upgrades Against Sophisticated Criminals

8 Facts On Securing Your Kids’ Safety At Home

The rise of cyber-criminals is putting pressure on governments, businesses, and home security companies. A tech-savvy criminal barely needs to lift a finger to trespass properties. With computer hacking, they can override security systems and leave them open for future attacks. How can you protect yourself against these well-equipped and skilled criminals? Regularly update your security software. It’s advisable that you receive automatic upgrades from your manufacturer. Honeywell Security professionals are more than happy to help you with these upgrades.

Make Home Security a Family Affair

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Installing high-grade security equipment should be coupled with vigilance and common sense safety hacks. Teach your kids how to operate/activate/deactivate home security systems. Map out contingency plans in the event of attacks and natural calamities. Devise plans on how your kids can ensure their own safety when they are home alone. Discuss ways on how to protect yourselves online and offline. Home security should be team effort.

The advent of technology is bringing new threats to home security. It’s imperative that you stay abreast of crime trends and innovative security systems to avoid risking your family’s well-being. Remember that there’s nothing like sleeping with peace of mind.

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