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7 Things To Look For In Your Chosen Label Manufacturers

A label can make or break your product. If it’s a good label, then you’ll notice sales of your product rise and a growing recognition of your product amongst the public. A bad one, however, will see your product flounder amidst the completion and eventually, sink without a trace. So it’s important to get it right – and that starts with picking the best label manufacturer you can find. So what should you look for when choosing one?


It’s a good idea to pick a manufacturer with a lot of experience. Not only will they have an in-depth knowledge of what the label making process entails, they’ll also know about what works and what doesn’t on a label. If you’re just starting out, you’ll find this kind of knowledge extremely valuable.

Easy to Communicate with

Find a company that are easy to communicate with. There will be a lot of discussions during the production of your label, so it’s important that you are able to reach your manufacturers when you need to – whether that’s by phone or email.

7 Things To Look For In Your Chosen Label Manufacturers


Consistency is key to the production of a large number of labels. Your labels should look and feel the same, order after order. The colours and size should be true to your original order, so make sure that your chosen manufacturer is able to cope with larger orders.

Knowledge of Regulations

It’s important for your manufacturer to have a good knowledge of current regulations. For example, if you are bringing a product that contains chemicals to the market, there need to be certain labels in place informing customers that the product could contain harmful ingredients. A reputable manufacturer should know all about this.

Up to date Equipment

The key to the best end result is the best equipment. Having up to date printing technology will not only be instrumental in your product looking its best, but also mean a quick turnaround – vital if demand for your product suddenly increases.

Varied Materials

A good choice of materials and printing options means that you’ll really be able to tailor your product label to your specific needs. These can include die cutting, embossing, foil stamping and custom sizes. Be sure to ask your manufacturer what kind of options they can offer you.

An Eye for Good Design

You’ll want your label to stand out on the shelves and for that, you need a manufacturer that’s got a flair for great design. While you don’t want to go too avant-garde, you’ll want to work with someone who is open to trying new things and is always aiming to produce final outcomes that are innovative and memorable.

Think carefully about who you choose

So there you have it, your check list on how to find the perfect label manufacturer. We really do believe that taking the time to find someone who’s right for you is much better than rushing into a decision which could cost you a lot of money if it proves to be wrong. If you find the right manufacturer for you, you can look forward to building a relationship with them that will grow with your business and its evolving needs.

Tammy Wiltshire is the Marketing Manager for Labelnet, a leading UK label designer and manufacturer. Tammy and the team have a passion about maintaining top quality design and accuracy and utilises the latest design technology to achieve this for all clients.

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