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7 Great Places to Hike, Bike and Sip in California Wine Country

7 Great Places to Hike, Bike and Sip in California Wine Country

Travelling and holidays are very necessary to cope up with the stress of day to day life. There are a number of getaways available in the entire world to spend a massive holiday week or month. A lot of people find it more interesting to enjoy taking a stroll and siping on their favourite alcoholic drink through the journey. For all such people some of the major getaways offering the same are present in the below section.

Temecula Wine country

If you are looking for some amazing hiking & wine trips in the California, then visiting Temecula Wine country is a must for you. The wine country is located at just 90 minutes away from both San Diego as well as Los Angeles. There are plenteous wineries that allow you to walk, jog or bike along with your wine tasting and sipping all throughout.

Guided sip & cycle tours (Napa Valley)

Napa Valley offers you two different opportunities, one constitutes a guided type of hiking and beer trips while the other one is predominantly a free type. No matter if you are an amateur or a pro type of biker, both the guided as well as the free trips are worth a while and safe.

Self guided vineyard walking tours (Sonoma County Wine Country)

Sonoma county wine country is ever so beautiful and offers a self guided tour of the same without the need of a prior appointment. Along with the vineries, the place harbours plenteous of picturesque sights that will enhance the overall experience of the same.

Sierra foothills wine region

The wine region of the Sierra foothills harbours a number of wine wine sub-regions including Calavera, El Dorado and much more. The place has been producing wines from a very long time and has a number of hidden treasures in the form of wineries in the the area.

Santa Cruz

The mountains of Santa Cruz possess a number of alluring sights and allow the visitors to walk, bike and horse ride through the entire mountain valley while sipping their favourite wine. Along with the wineries, the mountain range is home to several species of fauna.

Wine tasting in Livermore Valley

The visitors of Livermore valley get to experience a number of wineries situated in close proximity with each other. This place allows you to take a stroll of the entire valley through train, in addition to the walking and biking types of excursions through the valley.

Bike, hike and sip in Santa Barbara wine country

Santa Barbara is known mainly for the surfing experiences that it offers to the visitors. It gives you a space to explore and better experience hiking along with sipping on your favourite alcoholic drink. There are also a number of other wineries near the area.

California Wine country harbours a number of wineries and other wine countries. It is a hub for all those visitors that love to chill while walking or biking and sipping on their favourite drink. The blog talks about some of such places that are must visit in the California region of wine.

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