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Whether we admit it or not, our wardrobe says a lot about the kind of individuals we are. Once you change your style of dressing, you, to a certain extent, can change your personality as well.

It’s a known fact that being well dressed can enhance your confidence while not being properly dressed for an occasion can bring it significantly down.

But one thing’s for sure, changing your wardrobe can be an exciting as well as a fresh change in your life without any major repercussions. If you’re thinking of making a change in your dressing style, adding some cute stuff to your wardrobe can be one of the best and safest things you can do. As a hoarder of everything cute, I have prepared a list of some cute things you can add to your wardrobe:


Screen Printed T-shirts

A little-oversized T-shirts tucked into your slim fit jeans make for a perfect attire. But what’s great about T-shirts is that you can rock them on literally anything. Since mood T-shirts are in trend, you can get a few custom designs printed at any online cheap screen printing service, Not only are they pocket-friendly, but look super cool as well.

Boyfriend Fit Jeans

Whilecurve hugging jeans have become a hot trend, a pair of high rise boyfriend fit jeans is what you need to make your outfit as cute as it gets. Pair them with a basic tee or a crop top with a pair of sneakers and your back to school outfit is ready.

  • Printed Head Bandana

    Head bandanas are cute and functional. They keep your hair out of your face and make you look 10 times cuter. Especially on a bad hair day, or when you’re too lazy to wash your hair and you’ve already dry shampooed them twice, head bandanas are a blessing. So get yourself a printed head bandana for all the bad as well as the good hair days.

  • Track Jackets

    Whether with your pair of jeans or PJ pants, shorts, skirts or even dresses, a windshield track jacket, in feminine neutral colors or a bright white with side stripes, can be rocked with literally anything. You don’t even have to invest too much into it since windshield track jackets are comparatively way less expensive than other jackets.


  • Tied Tops

    Tied tops are a versatile category in themselves. They can be flirty, hot, professional or cute, anything you want. Find your favorite and pair them with your high waist slim fit jeans with a pair of block heals and your summer outfit for a day out or for brunch or a concert is ready.


Some cheap screen printed wearables and a couple of oversized clothes is all it takes to make your wardrobe cuter. Quirky badge pins on your bag and a couple of paste it patches on your denim jacket are bound to increase the cuteness element in every attire making it more Tumblr-y and you an artistic chic.

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