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5 Simple Ways To get a Kissable Lips

Your lips work similar to a sponge; when they are dry they look dehydrated and flaky, and when they are exposed to any liquid, they suck it up.

Our beauty routine often neglects our poor lips, which are always exposed, day or night, rain or shine, summer or winter. The skin of your lips is much thinner than the rest of your skin which means the blood vessels that feed this skin are visible and give your lips their reddish appearance. Lips also contain a gland that secretes an oil to protect this sensitive area from harsh elements that cause flaked, torn and chapped lips. Poor lips!

Thank goodness there are certain things you can do to protect them and keep them in kissable condition:

Drink Water: Water is the best medicine for your body. It keeps your body hydrated at all times, including your lips.

Don’t Lick Your Lips: When you lick your lips, the digestive enzymes in your saliva damage their protective barrier. Rather apply a good quality lip balm instead.

Exfoliate: Treat your lips as you would your face, and this includes exfoliation. There are many lip exfoliators on the market that can get rid of the dead skin on your lips.

Cover Up: The skin of your lips does not contain the pigment that assists in protecting the skin from the sun. Apply a layer of a sun-protective product daily.

Avoid Matte Lipstick Everyday: We know how much you love Mac’s Ruby Woo matte lipstick, but this kind of lipstick can dry your lips out. Remember, the longer a lipstick last, the more it can dry your lips out. Try use moisturising, glossy lipsticks and lip-glosses.
By Hlulani Masingi

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