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5 Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2017

A new year is the perfect time to plan a remodel of your kitchen. You can take a fresh look at what you want, and you’ll have something to do during the winter months. If you want to redecorate, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the latest trends first. 2017 is going to have some interesting changes to what’s hot in the world of kitchen decor. Both practicality and style are important for trends over the next year. Have a look at some of them to help you decide how you want to make a change.

5 Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2017

Hidden and Integrated Appliances: 

People have often favored shiny chrome appliances in the past. However, now many designers and homeowners are hoping to be a little more discreet. Hidden appliances, as well as integrated ones, are going to be more popular in 2017. Hidden appliances are either made to look like cabinets, or hidden behind cabinet doors. For example, your refrigerator door might look just like the other doors on your cabinets. Appliances could just be well-integrated too, fitting perfectly into your counters and cabinets. If you need help with integrated you should consult a specialist and look for a free kitchen design service.


Color blocking has had its time in the spotlight in the fashion world many times. In 2017, it’s going to be big in kitchens, particularly with monochrome colors. A tuxedo kitchen is simple, with a light and contrasting dark color. They are often white on top and black or perhaps dark gray underneath. If you want to brighten things up a little, you can add some accent colors too.

Small Space Innovation: 

Many people only have small kitchens, but they are starting to recognize that they can still have beautiful kitchens. Just because you have less space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a functional and stylish kitchen. In 2017, people will be thinking more about how to make the most of any kitchen space, no matter how big it is. That can mean having appliances that do lots of things at once or using clever storage techniques.

Living Decoration: 

Some people are big fans of bringing life into a kitchen, this time literally. Flowers and plants will be a popular way to brighten up any kitchen in 2017. You can use floral arrangements or potted plants to create a colorful and lively space. Plants are excellent for the health of any home and can make sure that your kitchen never looks dull. Just remember to change fresh flowers regularly if you’re going to use them.

High-tech Automation: 

People’s homes are becoming more and more high-tech as the years go by. Smart appliances and gadgets are more common now than ever before. There are lots of ways to make a kitchen more high-tech too, particularly with automation. For example, faucets with sensors are more hygienic and convenient. You won’t have to get food all over them to turn on the water. Lights with motion sensors are cleaner too. Many things are increasingly connected to smartphones and tablets, from scales to thermometers. This is called “The Internet of Things” and is set to dominate the year.

Try out these trends for your kitchen in 2017 if you want to reflect the latest design choices and innovations.

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