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No matter how small or inexpensive it is, these romantic gifts make the relationship stronger. Your man on the other hand will always be reminded of how close to your heart he is. So ladies, we can make him feel special and still have fun even at those times that we have a limited budget. Here are 5 interesting yet inexpensive gift ideas for him.

1. Recreate your first date Recreate the emotional memories of your first date with him. I’m sure you both cannot forget where you first met, you can book a table for two and invite him there at the exact same time that your first date was. If you can still remember significant moments of the first date, then you can try to mimic these as well. Dress similar to the way you did on the first day, repeat some of the dry jokes he made when he was nervous, and kiss him like it is your first time. This should be a very great gift idea because it will refresh the memory of your early days in the relationship, your vows, and add more romance to your relationship.

2. Personal photo shoot I had been meaning to go get a photo shoot with him, but the time never seem to be available. Till I took advantage of a day, picked up the camera and went with him to all our favorite places in the city. Of course we were making pictures as we advanced and enjoyed the moments. We took pictures of each other and used the selfie stick to make pictures together. I later used these pictures to make an album for our anniversary. Check for how to make a handmade album Another great one is to visit a professional photographer and make special boudoir pictures for him. You don’t have to be naked, but these will be the kind of pictures that will make his heart skip a beat.

3. Plan camping You can have fun going camping without spending a lot of money. Select a nice spot outdoor for your camp and you will be cutting down on the hotel bill. There are a lot of ways to catch your fun such as rock climbing, hiking, river rafting, watching the birds and the bright stars close to the campfire. Take him somewhere away from the usual city chaos and spend quality time together outdoors. An amazing way to spice up your romance life and strengthen your relationship.

4. Event tickets Figure out an event that he really is emotional about, and then surprise him with a pair of tickets to that event. This will gain you more points in his heart and he will get more chance to show you something new in that very moment. Grab your drinks and lay on his shoulder as you both enjoy the evening.

5. Food tour Plan a food tour around the world without even leaving your house. You don’t even need to visit restaurants; all you need is to start the night with Spanish tapas, then the main course would be from France, afterwards you finish it up with delicious desserts from Italy. Your range of options is very wide, so you can take your time to make up a proper menu for the night. No matter how cheap or simple it might be, just make sure it is an idea that he will appreciate. I can go on and on with the list of gifts, but it will not help if you do not take out a little time to do your homework. Which is to be attentive and notice which kind of gifts would fit him more. So, which of the gifts listed here would you present to him next?

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